The Most Unlikely Hobbies That Could Keep You Occupied For Hours

Many of us have a bit of spare time on our hands. Sure you may work all day, you may have a family or children to think about, but you also need some downtime and a hobby is perfect as a distraction for this. However, what should you take up, learn or do? Here are some unlikely hobbies you may not have thought about, and some could keep you occupied for hours at a time. You’re welcome!

Tinkering with classic motors or bikes 

When it comes to hobbies one that seems to be more unlikely than others, or perhaps popular amongst the older generation, is collecting and tinkering with classic motors or bikes. People find it interesting to research parts, fix up old cars and bikes and store them because of their value. Of course, the main issue with this is space, so you may want to consider a motorcycle mover for ease, or perhaps have a storage yard or bigger garage for larger vehicles like cars. However, it can be extremely rewarding and fun if you have a mechanical background or interest. 

Upcycling furniture

The next hobby that might be of interest to you would be to up[cycle furniture or items. The element of the hobby starts with sourcing the item you wish to up[cycle, this could be something already in your home or something you find at a carboot or thrift shop. You could paint it, restore it, fix it or give it a new purpose. There are so many options to consider and if you become talented enough, you may be able to sell your creations on websites like Etsy or eBay. 

Learning photography 

Photography is fast becoming a hobby that people are wanting to do more of and learning how to use DSLR cameras off the automatic setting. You could take up an online course, watch tutorials on YouTube or even think about teaching yourself as your experiment with settings. This could be a great hobby to get into and perhaps even encourage you to take more snaps. 

Starting a blog or YouTube channel

Many people have indulged in one of the latest hobby trends, and that is to start a blog or a YouTube channel. A blog is a great way to share your passions and experiences, and it could then help others if they come across your blog article. You can use social media to help share it even more, and even work with brand son reviews and sponsored content in the future. A YouTube channel is a video version of a blog, where you may share tips and advice or you may share snippets of your daily life. More people are getting invested in normal folk, and so if you have something to say or share this could be the perfect hobby for you. 


If you have some time on your hands, then you may want to think about volunteering as a great hobby to enjoy. You can look at helping local charities at events,. Or even volunteer in charity shops to work different shifts. There can be so many things that you can do, that volunteering could be one of those hobbies that is good for the soul and your mindset. Just a quick look online could highlight areas where you could help make a big difference. 

Learning a musical instrument 

Maybe you find that you are more creative, and if you love music then combining the two could be the perfect hobby choice for you. Learning a musical instrument will test your mind as well as give you a creative outlet, so it could be the perfect thing to choose and consider. It might be to learn how to play the guitar, or a wind instrument perhaps. Or maybe you have your heart set on joining a local brass band so want to learn an instrument like that instead. The choice is yours, but you’re bound to find an expert local that can help with lessons. Or you could even attempt to teach yourself by following YouTube tutorials. 

Rock climbing or hiking 

Do you like the idea of adventure? Do you want to test yourself physically? Then perhaps a hobby taking up rock climbing or hiking could be the idea thing to consider. It is a test of endurance and strength, as well as learning all of the safety elements of it. This could be the perfect way to spend a weekend, and could involve combining a love of camping in the process. 

Home brew your own beer 

This might be one of the more quirkiest suggestions, but you may want to look into home brewing your own beer. There are kits that you can buy that can give you all of the ingredients and equipment to get started, but you could also do heavy research to find and source all of this separately if you prefer. It takes time and precision so it could be the ideal choice if you have an interest in science. 

Create quilts 

Quilting has fast become a hobby that people are embracing thanks to the increase in home made markets and fairs and the online website Etsy. Creating quilts or patchwork from leftover materials, or even making something more sentimental such as using baby clothes to create a quilt for a child’s bedroom could be the ultimate hobby. Plus things like this can be relaxing. 

Sewing or knitting 

Finally, as a side note from quilting, you could also think about taking up a hobby in sewing, knitting or crochet. Again all of which require you to sit down and focus on the task you are doing, and it can be a great way to clear your mind and focus on your mindset. You could create scarves or hats, or even use patterns to create jumpers and clothes. The options are endless and many people enjoy this sort of hobby hence why it is making a comeback. 

Let’s hope this has inspired you to consider some of the hobbies that you could try.