The Physical Security Measures Your Business Needs

With cybersecurity firmly in the media spotlight at the moment, it is natural for businesses to focus on protecting their business technology and systems to keep them safe from security breaches. However, business owners should still keep in mind the importance of physical security at their business premises too. 

When you have spent years building up a business from nothing, the effect of a break-in can be devastating. Seeing everything that you worked so hard to create destroyed is deeply upsetting. Theft of equipment can leave your business out of action and unable to process orders that you have waiting. Likewise, it can take many months to bring your stock levels back up if you had merchandise stolen in the break-in. A physical burglary can also lead to a data breach if you have servers stolen, or computers which have customer data and business-sensitive information stored on them.

To help reduce your chances of being broken into, it is vital to look at ways in which the physical security of your business premises can be improved. Merely having these added security measures in place can act as a deterrent for would-be intruders, and will also offer you some peace of mind that your business is as secure as it can be. Here are some of the ways that you can step up security levels in your business:

Security Alarm System

A security alarm system is a must for any business. Not having a security alarm system makes your company an easier target for robberies, and will especially single it out if each of the other surrounding businesses has an alarm system fitted. 

When you have an alarm fitted, it is essential to make sure that your members of staff that hold keys for the building know how to set the alarm correctly, to ensure that the building is secure.

Authorised Access

Make sure that only people that are authorised to have access can reach areas of your business that are for staff only. This includes areas such as stock rooms, the back office, and staff rooms. Implementing an electronic access system is a useful way to ensure that only people who are allowed access to specific non-customer areas of your premises can access it. Typically, an electronic access system on an internal door will feature a push to break switch on the other side of the door; this enables staff to easily leave the authorised area by simply pushing a button to exit.

Making areas of your building secure should help to prevent opportunistic thieves from wandering into staff-only areas.

CCTV System

Installing a CCTV system is hugely beneficial and in the unfortunate event of a break-in can provide the police with essential information about the incident to help track down the perpetrators of the crime. As with the alarm system, CCTV will act as a deterrent for would-be thieves and brings the added peace of mind that your business is being watched over even when you aren’t there.

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