Trash talk: Designer asks Hollywood to replace plastic with rubbish

A ground-breaking designer has urged the film industry to turn its focus on using recycling materials after displaying her own skill for transforming discarded items into an eye-catching costume.

Lili Giacobino has revealed a stunning ‘gothic queen’ outfit created out of 195 CDs, 16 food containers, 11 newspapers and two old magazines.

And now she wants major production studios to follow suit and ditch the plastic for stuff found on in the recycling bin.

Lili, based in London, said: “The film industry gives us a fantastic opportunity to dream, travel and escape into a whole different world.

“Talented craftsmen have developed impressive skill sets to replicate objects, textures and finishes. But often materials used aren’t eco-friendly as they’re usually plastic-based.

“Some materials like EVA foam are fantastic and you can create quickly some amazing shapes and sculpt some intricate details into it.

“I have enjoyed working with it but I also thought about the fact that this material, like many others, will take hundreds of years to decompose – if it ever does.

“When we already have so much plastic in our food shopping alone, could we find some use for what would otherwise end up in landfill?”

Lili’s main aim was to create something out of recycled materials that was beautiful but also made out of trash.

She even detailed the building of the gothic queen ensemble on her YouTube channel – with step-by-step footage showing the whole creative process.

Lili – who was born in born in St-Etienne, France – added: “I have spent a lot of time in my workshop experimenting with all sorts of materials and ingredients.

“In order to create new solutions I sometimes have to go back in time and play with old newspaper and PVA like I used to as a kid, then incorporate corn starch and see what kind of texture I can get out of it.”

Based in Kingston-upon-Thames, London, Lili studied Product and Furniture Design at university before turning her attention to bricks and mortar.

She spent seven years refurbishing properties while training in carpentry, tiling and plumbing. She now enjoys creating some props and costumes in her own studio.

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