‘Deaf Wish’ by Geoff Cook is published

‘Deaf Wish’ by Geoff Cook is published
A story of Adultery, Deceit, Treachery and Deadly Revenge
‘Pretend you’re deaf and seek to listen with your eyes
For the silent scream of vengeance your fractured heart denies’

EASTBOURNE, England – October 15, 2019 – ISBN 9789899730045

‘Deaf Wish by Geoff Cook is published

A dark, contemporary family drama of a man seeking reconciliation
with the family he abandoned sixteen years earlier

About the Book:
‘Believe me, there is nothing bold or courageous in taking the decision to sacrifice everyone and everything you have lived and worked for in exchange for the uncertainty of a new life thousands of miles away, with a woman you hardly know.
Don’t kid yourself. All it takes is a heady mix of bravado, false conviction, cowardice and a total lack of conscience.
I should know. I did it.
Sixteen years have passed and an opportunity comes out of the blue to make amends, to rekindle the bonds of family I once too easily discarded. Or so I hoped.
But I was naïve.
I thought that words could heal. They can’t. All they achieve is to distort the pain of rejection that feeds the prospect of revenge. Nor could I foresee the treacherous path that lay ahead as I stumbled into the bitter secrets of all our pasts and the trail of lies, deception and murder that would lay bare secrets for so long hidden.
But I do now.
My hearing might be shot, my memory failed and I know I should have taken the advice and walked away. Somehow, I couldn’t. My grandson has given me a reason to exist and I need to discover the truth. But some people have different ideas and will go to any lengths to make sure I do not.

My name? It’s Gilbert Hart, but call me Gil. Some people know me as Hartless.’

About the Author:
A bio of the author is available via the link www.geoff-cook.com, via the Amazon Author’s page or on BookBub at www.bookbub.com.

Excerpt from the Book:
‘There was just over half the bottle of Sancerre left and I was dozing in a lounger by the pool, when the patio doors clicked shut behind me. Rosita perched on the far edge of the lounger, sideways on, next to my feet.

Normally, when dressed in her workaday, loose-fitting housemaid’s smock and covered with what my mother would have called a pinafore, her figure was well camouflaged. I had never really looked at her as anything other than the au pair. Sure, in the ten months or so she had been working for us, I had registered she was attractive, with those dark Latin features and a cascade of black hair customarily tied up in a bun, but no more than that.

She was older than the girls who had come before her, twenty-six when she arrived, and Spanish. It was a deliberate choice on Sandra’s part, breaking away from the mould of Swiss and Austrians in their late teens; she swore the last little girl had a silent crush on me.
Up until today, Rosita had been an adjunct to my wife, just someone who did for us – one of my mother’s many little sayings, God rest her soul.

The woman who now sat at my feet was clad in a skimpy bikini. The floral top barely contained her full breasts; a thin strap secured the lower square of material then, I guess, disappeared into the voluptuous curves of her backside. If the intention of the nylon beach cover-up was to preserve her modesty, it failed miserably.
‘Did you go out dressed like that?’
She laughed. ‘You sound like my father.’ Her eyes made a pass across my body and hesitated, briefly, at my crotch. ‘But you don’t look like him, señor Hart.’ She ran a hand through her hair.
‘I’m serious,’ I said, trying to sound friendly but paternal. ‘You could end up in real trouble, wearing next to nothing.’
‘Really? What sort of trouble?’
(Get the novel to find out what happens next!)

‘Deaf Wish’ is available in paperback and on Kindle from all Amazon platforms and on the high street in paperback from Waterstones and all good bookshops
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