Driving sales through innovative digital communication

Leading UK car and van leasing company, Stable Vehicle Contracts (owned by Swansway Group), has increased the ways customers can enquire with them by introducing WhatsApp.

Stable’s commitment to customer service has seen continual development in ways customers can interact with the business; most recently they having, launched a new WhatsApp function to allow even easier communication with their sales team when it comes to enquiring about a vehicle.

Many car leasing websites still offer online forms as the main way to enquire but this doesn’t suit all customers. Stable realised that many customers prefer much quicker methods in order to get the information they need, rather than waiting for an email response.

Stable surveyed over 1,000 customers, asking “When enquiring via our website, which method would you prefer to speak to us with when enquiring about a car leasing offer?”. 64.8% of people customers favour email but a whopping 33.5% prefer WhatsApp!

Stable quickly implemented a new WhatsApp chat option to meet their customer needs and customers can now instantly chat with a sales adviser simply by clicking the ‘Enquire via WhatsApp’ button. 

Digital Marketing Manager Aaron Pang says “Many of our customers are now using WhatsApp as the primary method to speak to their account manager about car leasing. It has made their lives far easier, as many people simply do not have email-based apps installed on their phone, but have messengers such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger installed.”

“With 90% of our customers browsing the website via mobile phones, instant chat communication features are the future for most businesses, if they want to survive the evolution into online-only based sales”

Stable Vehicle Contracts are a leading leasing company and conducts their leasing operations across the North West including Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, and Greater Manchester. Though they are based in the North West they are able to deliver vehicles nationwide as well as Northern Ireland. If you have time, check out their leasing special offers.

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