Three Steps For Moving Your Business Out Of The Garage!

Nearly every brand that’s become a household name started somewhere small. Most of the biggest ones – such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft – all got their beginnings in the garage. They started as small as you could imagine, and now they’ve become huge global corporations with thousands of consumers and employees as a result.

You may be working out of the convenient space of your garage, but perhaps it’s time now to grow into something more. With companies like Bekins Moving Solutions, your move can be a reality and you can get into a new commercial space with the right help. Below, we’ve got three tips for helping you with your office relocation so you can move your garage business to a bigger office at last!

Hunt For The Right Space.

You need a business space that reflects your growth. Your business has clearly become too big for the garage, so you don’t then want to move into a shoebox that’s not much bigger. A common mistake is to go from a small space to a small space, not taking into account the need for growth. Choose a space that will accommodate projected growth for up to a year and make sure it’s not somewhere that you buy just yet. You don’t want to move in just to move out – that’s too much upheaval. Your space should be big enough to feel comfortable in, but also enough to add ten more people one day if you need to do so.

Think About Logistics

Your garage may be big enough to drive in a car, but that doesn’t mean it’s big enough for manufacturing machinery. So, you need to choose a space that will accommodate bigger transport, production machinery if needed, cranes and cherry pickers. Think about what your business needs for its success, and look at premises that can support that vision. You also want to ensure that on top of all of this, you can fit in some employees as well as an office space. If this sounds like a big logistical hurdle, that is because it is. Working with a group of long-distance movers is usually your best bet in this situation as it will save you from having to organize all this while running your company at the same time. 

It’s About The Image

When you move to a commercial building, consider what it looks like. You have clients and employees coming to your office to talk business, and you don’t want them to be put off purely by the look of your office. With the right office space, you can convey the image that you imagine your brand can convey, and then make sure that you have a clean and formal office. It should also have a meeting area that is formal, spacious and necessary for your business to continue to run.

It’s one of the biggest steps that your business can take is to move from your garage business to your new office space. It shows you are growing, that you are progressing and that success and realizing your brand vision is right in the palm of your hand. You need the space to expand your business properly, and now you can have it!

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