Changing London’s perception of the private hire sector

Recent reports released that Transport For London’s (TFL) driver licences were being purchased fraudulently, whilst also Uber, the ride-hailing firm, received a 2-month temporary extension with a promise to verify driver eligibility and improve security concerns. We look at how firms are fighting back to change the perception of the capitals private car hire sector.

There is no doubt Uber affected the industry in both the corporate and private sectors, dubbed ‘the Uber effect’, the age of economy transportation has really shaken up many cities globally. This has led for many to believe Uber has been nothing but a success for consumers whilst also bringing technology innovation and flexible working hours to it’s work force.

Why are people turning away from low cost journeys?

Growing reports of passengers being victim to offences from drivers, the driver’s themselves complaining of poor working conditions and complaints of pricing hikes in peak hours coupled with damaging, alleged fraud applications for TFL’s licences, as reported recently, has led many to think about whether a change in perception is more then just an after thought.

Uber failed to read the warning signs

Following initial negative publicity going back almost 5 years, Uber should have anticipated a rude awakening was on the horizon and acted, bosses continued to focus more on profit and spent heavily on expansive marketing strategies. Drivers are pushed to think about volume and not service; the more trips the driver makes, the more money they make. The same strategy, which brought its success globally, ironically could be what brings it to fall.

Why are perceptions changing and passengers opting for chauffeur companies?

Previously, many opted for convenience and industry disrupting technology; the realisation for most to re-evaluate has been security and regulation concerns, which have been widely reported on. Consumers naturally are not prepared to compromise on their security and this shift in perception is growing, with many demanding a more luxury, professional and executive chauffeur service in London. This upsurge of negative publicity both with Uber and TFL’s private minicab sector offered a route for high-end private hire companies to take advantage of consumer concerns. Offering premium quality, the up to date technology demanded with on-account services offering comfort, reliability and peace of mind.

Premium providers offer a more secure and refined service

Award winning private chauffeur company boss, Amar Niang of Global Chauffeur explains, “drivers are protesting about wages and working conditions, questions over its company culture and safety concerns in major cities like London. This is the polar opposite of what we represent, our recognition within the sector of being the best chauffeur company in London has been backed up time and time again. We pride ourselves with our service culture and the industry is now waking up. Our corporate contracts are enjoying exponential growth and I think the bubble may have burst for companies such as Uber, consumers are now are reverting back to premium services delivered with security and professionalism over price.”

Amar Niang is Director of Global Operations at the awarding private hire company Global Chauffeur.

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2. Global Chauffeur provides chauffeur services in over 100 cities worldwide from private clients to multinational corporations. Ward winning and with over 16 years’ experience and a head office London’s Fleet Street, the client has regional office in London, Paris and New York.

3. The company is a service provider for award winning companies as well as receiving the accolade for London Corporate Chauffeur Company of the year 2019-2020.

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