In Europe, a criminal case has been opened on the facts of death threats that are received by the claimant in an English court case against the sanctioned Russian oligarchs

Latvia, October 2022: a criminal case was opened on the fact of numerous death threats received by Igor Sychev, the claimant in case CL-2016-000831, which is being considered in the High Court of Justice of England and Wales.

The defendants are a large Russian company PhosAgro, traded on the London Stock Exchange, as well as its main shareholders, including the main owner of PhosAgro, Mr Guryev. Mr Guryev is known as the owner of Witanhurst palace worth 300 million pounds, which is second only to Buckingham Palace in size.

A significant part of the death threats investigated by the Latvian police has been accompanied by demands to Igor Sychev to drop the claim or assign the claimants’ rights to third parties.

The subject of the legal dispute is 1% of PhosAgro’s shares.

The lawsuit was filed in 2016, but the claimants managed to notify the defendants only in 2021.

The next court hearings are scheduled for 25 November and 2 December.

Mr Guryev is represented by the London branch of the American law firm Brown Rudnick. At the pre-trial stage, the same firm represented PhosAgro.