Cybersecurity tips for business

There is no doubt that internet technology has been a game changer for businesses in the UK and worldwide. The increased reach, efficiency, customer engagement and marketing potential it offers is a massive bonus for any company. It is not all plain sailing though – any business which operates online must have robust cybersecurity measures in place to stay safe. With a huge 65,000 attempted attacks made on UK businesses each day, it is obvious to all that this is a very important area to focus on.

But what are the best ways for any business to stay safe online?

Only use reputable platforms and software

Many businesses need to use various platforms, systems and software to operate effectively. It may be that you require a CRM database to manage customer interactions or a bookkeeping piece of software to manage your finances. A really good tip is to only use well established and well-known brands that have a solid reputation for security. So many businesses get caught out using obscure platforms which actually turn out to be scams, only designed to steal money, access networks or steal client data. The same is true if you invest some of your spare business profits online – there are many reputable online brokers you could use, including plus 500, to stay safe.

Keep reviewing and updating your cyber plan

All businesses that have an online presence must have a clear plan for how to stay safe from attack or fraud. That will allow you to identify areas of vulnerability and take steps to beef them up to keep the hackers out. Common measures include using SSL tech on websites and robust network firewalls. Making sure this sort of tech is in place is vital to remaining secure online. Once you have a plan and the necessary arrangements in place do not think that your work is done. Cyber threats are constantly evolving with new ones emerging all the time. This means that carrying out an annual cyber audit and fixing any issues you spot is also essential.

Educate staff

Despite all the talk around technology, there is one main area of weakness which all businesses have – the staff! So many cyber-attacks are enabled by unsuspecting employees downloading virus laden emails or giving out confidential data by accident to hackers. If you can get a grip in this area then your cybersecurity efforts will be much more effective. Take the time to train staff on the common cyber threats they could face, what to look out for, how to deal with them and the importance of having strong system passwords. This will pay off handsomely in the long term.

Cybersecurity is a must for any modern business

The above shows how you can beef up your cybersecurity efforts. If you do not currently pay much attention to this, then it really is worth thinking about further. Online criminals are starting to target every size of business more frequently and you do not want to be caught out due to poor online security.

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