What Countries Are Doing To Be More Environmentally Friendly

Being more environmentally friendly is something a lot of countries are now taking into considering, seeing as we all have an influence and impact on our surroundings. Some countries are really putting their stamp on helping to bring about change, so here are what some countries are doing to be more environmentally friendly.


When it comes to the environment, the vehicles we use can have a great impact on the atmosphere, and so what certain countries are trying to do is put charges or limits on our car usage. For example, in Germany, there’s a country-wide initiative that every car driving in certain areas around the country are requested to have an environmental sticker. Any cars that heavily pollute the environment will not be allowed to travel in these parts. It’s a great way of making sure that every car out there is a little bit more environmentally conscious. You can see more about it on https://duitsemilieusticker.nl/.

United Kingdom

Even though the UK is fairly small in comparison to other countries, the UK is trying to do it’s best where it can to effectively recycle and reuse packaging where possible. Two recent changes that were brought in were a charge against plastic bags, which has helped reduce the amount used in supermarkets and high-street shops. Not only that, but a lot of businesses and places that sell food and drink have now banned plastic straws, opting for alternative ones that are kinder on the environment. This a big change and one that will certainly help reduce the problems that are causing with plastic and the waste that comes from it.


It’s likely to be known as one of the greener countries for 2019, and it’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint are quite impressive. It has done a lot in the way of making sure that the ocean is protected, and they’re running plenty of initiatives to make sure it’s kept clean and that the wildlife is being protected as much as possible. They have committed to reducing the amount of litter that you find in the water and also to make sure that recycling is being done more efficiently than ever before.

Costa Rica

Renewable energy is something that many countries are wishing to focus on more in the future. Costa Rica is already doing that by ensuring they aren’t using any or few greenhouse gases. It plans to be the first to achieve a carbon-neutral country, and this is certainly something that all countries should be trying to encourage and following suit in. We only have one world, so we want future generations to enjoy it too.

By being more environmentally friendly, we are adding more years onto the planet, and hopefully, it can be saved from the damage that we’ve caused prior to this. Do what you can as a household or in your local area to reduce the amount of energy you use. Try to be more renewable and sustainable where possible.

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