Monday, October 25, 2021

Family History Saved From Disappearing Forever

For years our collection of VHS tapes and audiotapes had been sitting in our garage gathering dust. In that carton were some of our most treasured family events, my graduation, our wedding, our daughter’s first steps, scenes from family picnics and of course footage of our overseas family trips. We even found a box of my father’s old 8mm home movies and some of his reel-to-reel audiotapes, which I thought were gone forever.

When we came to convert the VHS and 8mm tapes, they discovered they were covered with dust and infested with mould. All the VHS cassettes had to be painstakingly pulled apart by hand, fastidiously cleaned and brought back to life. It was amazing.

My partner and I wanted to salvage those old memories and convert the VHS, 8mm film and audiotapes to digital and have them stored on DVDs. We decided to give the DVDs as a present for my father for his 80th birthday.

Our idea was to combine all the film and videos with snippets of all those special moments to create a highlights reel. After sitting down with the team from and looking through all that footage together and discussing what we wanted for the video, we were absolutely blown away by their result. The video and the soundtracks came together beautifully. Their wonderful transitional effects were incorporated seamlessly into the end product making it really watchable. Their clever technology and craftsmanship also corrected all the colours from the old stock that was oversaturated and increased the clarity of the audio beyond anything we were expecting.

In the end, we combed through 17 hours of raw footage. Hours of dull shots and poor transitions were edited out transforming our old footage into something really watchable. We still can’t believe they were able to do all that!

They reached and exceeded my expectations and delivered an amazing result. Now we can watch all our family memories on DVD and we’ve even given a copy to some of our family members. Now those golden days are safely stored on the cloud so they will be in our family forever!

We were impressed by how friendly their staff was on our project and by their fast turnaround. Their VHS and film digital conversion came out great and the end result of all their video editing was fabulous. We love it! And they did it at such an affordable price. Thanks again! We would highly recommend them to anyone!
We truly couldn’t be happier!
Jaymi Stacey

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