Follow the Rules – Avoid Drinking & Driving Dangers

Nowadays, the lifestyle of people has completely changed. The pressure at the workplace and home has made people to consume alcohol. However, this is not the only reason people are becoming alcoholics. Today, it is difficult to drive for both who are drinking and driving and also for those who drive very patiently and carefully. Sometimes people land up in situations when are charged with DUI case. It is best to take action precautionary actions then and there. You should contact DUI Lawyer in Naples.

Hence, it is mandatory that you don’t drink and drive for the sake of loved-ones at home and other passers-by. The statistics show that drunken driving accidents have drastically increased in the past few years with a blood alcohol level at 0.08 or above. The risk associated with drinking and driving is listed below.

Inhibit judgment

Once you are intoxicated even under the legal drinking limit, you lose self-control. This further impairs your judgment

• To follow traffic instructions
• Overtaking without signaling
• Managing your speed
• Driving in an inappropriate lane
• Applying immediate brakes under required conditions
• Foresee potential problems.

Sluggish Response

Due to overall rash and speedy driving culture, it is crucial that the co-ordination between your mind, foot, and hand while driving is fit. When you are under alcoholic influence, the response time to any immediate situation becomes sluggish. For instance, if a pedestrian comes across your vehicle, you won’t be able to quickly react and take action. You will have slow reflexes resulting in accidents and damages risking your life and others.

Decrease Vision

In general, intoxicated driving accidents mostly occur at night. The vision under natural light and during night time is completely different. Above that, if you are drunk, the vision still gets further reduced. The eyes have abnormal stress, the vision becomes distorted which increases the chances of an accident.

Legal battle

Even if you are a perfect driver under intoxication, the chances of legal and criminal proceedings are always high. The courts have strict norms for drinking under the influence of driving. You will have to compensate for both the physical and punitive damages to the other party. In extreme cases, the courts can attach your assets to compensate the victims.

Third-party liability

If you are intoxicated and have got into fatal injuries, the victims can carry legal proceedings against the person providing you alcohol and intoxicating you. The third-party shall also come in soup with no-fault. Hence, the effect of intoxication has larger than life tragedies which can haunt your loved ones.

Memory lapses

Since drinking can cause memory lapses or blackouts, you won’t be able to identify your path properly or where you are headed. In such cases, you are more prone to accidents because of unclear destination in your mind.

Reduce concentration

Because of lack of concentration you don’t get full control of your vehicle resulting in extreme damage to yourself and those accompanying you, to the passerby and the vehicle as well.

Financial loss

The financial loss due to alcoholic driving can make you even bankrupt depending on the intensity of the damage. You might have to shell compensation, fight out the case in the court of law, face social stigma and many such problems.

Thus, it is necessary to take all the precautions and avoid driving after you are drunk, even a little bit because you cannot predict your future. You cannot prevent the accidents but those that are in your hand should be avoided.

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