How to not get Scammed by Roofing Contractors

There are scammers everywhere. They call your house incessantly, try to get money from you on the street, or even play as professionals who can help you with home repairs, like roofing. That’s right—there are roofing contractors who are scam artists. These incompetent mountebanks have zero to little roofing experience.

The fake roofer, for instance, might pretend to go door-to-door after a hail storm, saying that they will repair the roof at a discounted rate if you give them a down-payment in cash. You might ask for credentials, and they will produce counterfeited ones.

If you don’t want this kind of scenario to play out, then you need to know what to look for. Use the following methods to not get scammed by roofing contractors:

Do Not Give Into Pressure

You can immediately spot a scammer by how insistent they are that you act “right now” to receive a “once in a lifetime deal” or a “one day only special.” These are lies. An honest and professional contractor will have reasonable set rates and fully transparent reasons for charging what they do. Never give into a contractor who tries to get you to pay them in cash before they complete the job. Further, you should never feel pressured to act, no matter the reason or your level of desperation.

Go through the whole process and use software like a truss analysis calculator. Have the contractor inspect the damage, receive an estimate, ensure yourself of their credentials and reputation, check out the contract, and then confirm means of payment.

You can also check out this guide on questions to ask before hiring a roofing company that Classic Roof in Ottawa put.

Check Online For A Business Website and Credentials

As mentioned above, you do not want to be scammed by an incompetent, inexperienced, or dishonest roofer. If you want the truth, you need to do a little sleuth work. Using Google or anything search engine as your magnifying glass, look up their business website and check to see if they have credentials listed, as well as their years of experience and whether they have testimonials or reviews from previous clients.

You should be able to gauge whether the contractor is the correct choice for your project from there, depending on what you uncover.

Receive Several Estimates

Even if the contractor is entirely respectable, if you even have the slightest hunch that you might be getting scammed, or they are changing you far too much, you have the right to request several free roofing estimates from other professionals. Again, don’t succumb to pressure from the roofing contractor. If they are legitimate, they will have the professional integrity and know to wait until you have decided to commit.

So get more estimates and compare the prices. Research the baseline cost for the repairs you need online. That way, you know what the price should be around and can tell if you would be paying well over the average cost.

Read The Contract Fully

The contract is binding, legally speaking. Therefore, you should always read the fine print, including the terms of payment and the warranty on all the materials. Be comfortable with the terms of the contract before signing it, and if you don’t understand anything, ask questions. The contractor should be able to answer in full so that you know what every part of the contract entails. If they can’t explain, or they seem like they’re lying about the conditions, or if you suddenly feel uncomfortable, don’t sign.

Now that you know how to not get scammed by roofing contractors, you can hire a more professional and trustworthy professional much more easily. Remember, scammers are going to try to intimidate or pressure you by turning the situation against you. Don’t fall prey to their tricks.

There are plenty of professional and experienced roofing contractors near you, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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