Sputnik7 and the Tourism Department of Segovia partner to create a Virtual Segovia

Sputnik7 Productions s.l. and the Tourism Department of the Town Hall of Segovia have entered into a partnership to create virtual experiences and tours of the historic buildings and monuments of Segovia starting with the Real Casa de Moneda.

Under the agreement, Sputnik7 will create interactive digital replicas of the main historical locations in Segovia, which will be made available to people around the world as mobile applications and fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences.

The agreement was signed by the Councillor of the Tourism Department of the Town Hall of Segovia. The project has the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain and the sub-director general for the protection of the historical heritage of Spain.

The Virtual Segovia project came to light thanks to the hard work of the Tourism Department of Segovia. The goal of the project is to generate global visibility for Segovia’s heritage sites by providing virtual access to a wider and more diverse group of people. This includes students, cultural travelers as well as people with reduced mobility or difficulty traveling.

The virtual experiences created under the partnership will be free of charge and will include high-quality 3D recreations along with interactive virtual tours, so people can learn about the history and culture of the destinations before visiting.

“This project is a great example of how technology can be put at the service of history, which is especially appropriate in the case of the Real Casa de Moneda, since it was always characterized by housing the most advanced technology.” – Claudia de Santos Borreguero

The Real Casa de Moneda

The Real Casa de Moneda (or Royal Mint) was selected as the first location for the project because of its rich history, and it was widely regarded as one of the oldest and most important pieces of industrial architecture in Europe. It was recently renovated and outfitted with a museum that includes original machinery, and teaches visitors about the minting process.

The project will include the development of 3D applications for both iOS and Android devices, along with Virtual Reality applications for Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. Support for the HTC Vive and other platforms is also under discussion.

The shooting of high-resolution images of the property using drones and high-end DLSR cameras has already been completed, and the 3D replicas are being created using photogrammetry software from RealityCapture and Pix4D. It is estimated that the entire development process will be completed by the end of April 2020.

Find out more

Visitors can follow the progress of the various projects in Segovia on Sputnik7’s website at https://sputnik7.com/Segovia. They can also download the Real Casa de Moneda brochure at https://sputnik7.com/Casa-de-Moneda-Virtual

About Segovia

Segovia, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to its extraordinary architecture. It has played a leading role throughout the history of Spain and is distinguished among other cities because of its rich cultural, cuisine, traditions, festivals and, above all, its impressive Roman Aqueduct. Find out more about Segovia at http://www.turismodesegovia.com/

About the Real Casa de Moneda

Built by Felipe II in 1583, the Real Casa de Moneda was an innovative and pioneering coin factory in Spain and the first property of the crown. It housed the most modern machinery of its time for the production of coins, ahead of the factories of the industrial revolution, and is recognized as one of the best and oldest examples of industrial architecture in Europe. Today visitors can enjoy its two museums, exhibition halls, historic garden, channels with hydraulic wheels, guest houses, restaurants, and bar-cafeteria. Discover more at http://casamonedasegovia.es/

About Sputnik7

Sputnik7 Productions is a next-generation marketing and production company dedicated to the promotion of art, history and culture through the use of immersive experiences and virtual tours. We focus on creating engaging solutions that can be viewed and shared online and explored by visitors from all over the world. Find out more about Sputnik7 at https://www.sputnik7.com/

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