Ways to Unlock a Secure PDF File


Security is essential for every organization — especially for those that often work with documentation and confidential files. As such, CEOs are willing to spend thousands, if not millions of dollars, on secure software in order to protect their employees and users-base alike.

Fraud, various types of cybercrime, and even the threat of data-theft from competitors are very real concerns for many businesses. For these reasons, you need to ensure that your sensitive documents remain secure at all times — especially when collaborating and sharing files online.

When it comes to hacking and other cyberattacks, often, one sensitive file is enough to get the job done and provides the attacker with useful information for further attacks. From there, ransom money can be demanded in exchange for your data. If a company fails to pay up, they may never see their data again, or worse, it will be released to the public. Even if you’re sure your company provides all of the necessary security measures, it’s still a good idea to apply your own precautions as well. Practice securing and saving your files in a safe place and don’t share files with a public link. Create passwords for any files that contain sensitive information and save these passwords in a safe password manager.

There are plenty of different programs, apps, and platforms designed strictly for these security measures. For example, Lumin PDF provides you with the opportunity to work effectively with all forms of documentation and allows you to save your PDF files in a safe and secure way — you can even unlock password-protected PDFs should you lose or forget your login data.

Although PDFs are considered to have a non-changeable format, thanks to a handy set of smart tools, with Lumin PDF, anything is possible. In many circumstances, team members and coworkers share and collaborate on the same PDF files and projects. Whoever creates the files invites others and grants them editorial access. Team members can also request access to files, via the person who created the original files. Often, this can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. If you need to make some quick edits before a deadline, you have no choice but to request access, then wait until the document creator grants you access. Thankfully, with Lumin PDF, this type of last-minute stress can be completely avoided with the help of its convenient tool that unlocks secure PDF files easily. Features like this can vastly enhance the productivity of a team, allowing them to make deadlines well in advance, with no hiccups or last-minute surprises.

Head on over to Lumin PDF and choose the plan that meets the needs of your company; or simply try our Demo Version for a free, hands-on trial.

How does Lumin PDF work?

With Lumin PDF, you can download, edit, and collaborate on files in the cloud or on Google Drive. Simply connect the Lumin extension to your Google Drive account to store and access your files online.

Once you are done with integrating the Lumin extension on your Google Drive account, it will help you not just download, edit, or collaborate with your files but you can view PDFs online efficiently and securely. Lumin PDF is highly secure, accessible, reliable, and helpful while working professionally or academically. 

You can circulate and transfer PDF files while connecting yourself anywhere worldwide without any obstacle with a secure Lumin PDF platform. You are completely aware that security matters for every organization, and the information related to any company or business is always credentialed. Lumin PDF will always help you keep your private and sensitive information locked in a secured file.

How to unlock PDFs with Lumin

Lumin PDF is more than helpful if you often collaborate with coworkers on the same sensitive files that often require passwords. In order to unlock a secure PDF file, simply download and open the file in Lumin, access the smart tools, and click ‘unlock PDF’ — that’s it, you don’t have to do anything else. The system will remove the password from the PDF file, rendering you complete access to it.

Start editing your PDFs right now!

Although there are other services that may offer the same functions and capabilities,  before subscribing to a specific platform, we recommend downloading a free trial version first. Be sure to read all of the included documentation and pay close attention to the security specification. Consider whether the service provides all of the comprehensive information that you’ll need in order to use it effectively.

Although Adobe Acrobat can be used to unlock PDFs and remove password security from secured PDF files, it was designed by professionals, for professionals and requires a specific skill-set in order to use it properly. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, then Adobe Acrobat is probably not the service for you.

How to unlock and remove password security with Adobe Acrobat

  1. First, open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat
  2. Locate the ‘Unlock tool’
  3. Select: Tools – Tools > Protect > Encrypt > Remove Security.

The options may vary depending on the type of password security that the file is protected with.

  • If the file is protected with a ‘Document Open’ password, click ‘OK’ in order to remove the password from your file
  • If the file is protected by a ‘permissions’ password, type it in the “Enter Password” box, then click OK. then click OK again in order to confirm it.

Lumin PDF is an easy and effective solution to both secure your files and gain access to them at once if needed. Lumin PDF provides a solution to the often time-consuming and frustrating process of gaining access to various team-driven files, with effective digital processes. Thanks to its unique set of smart tools, collaboration, editing, sharing, and signing can all be achieved effectively, in an all-in-one platform. Lumin PDF supplies its users with robust characteristics that make every working day productive and stress-free.

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