Tin Robot Games launches “Queenf Scots: The Card Game” on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter

“Queen of Scots: The Card Game” is matching-sets-for-points card game based on a card game that has been played by Nadine Chestnut’s family for over 100 years. Thematically, it has been stylized around the historical fate of Scotland’s Queen Mary. Character artwork has been meticulously painted to capture the likeness of each historical figure from one of the bloodiest stories in the history of Scotland and England, which ultimately shaped the world we see today. Each round scores, with the first player to reach 1000 winning the game.

Game components are organized in a telescoping box with a rich matt finish. Inside the box is a thermal-formed tray to hold the rules, history of the characters, custom monogrammed pen, a score-keeping pad of paper with 100 game sheets, and 108 player cards. Player cards have a premium feel, each with 300gsm art card, varnished with a linen finish!

Tin Robot Games has a modest $500 Canadian ($355 USD) funding goal, which they hit within the first hour of their campaign. The campaign ends on May 26th. A single pledge level of $25 Canadian (14.50 GBP) plus shipping can get you a copy of the game, with the first 500 games scheduled to ship out in 8 weeks.

“I have played a variation of this game since I was a kid. My grandmother, Nadine Chestnut, learned it from her parents when she was a kid as well. I guess you could say this game has been a hundred years in the making!” says James Staley, the developer and President of Tin Robot Games. “We launched this campaign on my Grandma’s 102nd birthday as a tribute to her. She comes from a generation where quality counted when you made things. We have carried that mentality through the development of this game. We are truly blessed that she is still with us and healthy enough to follow this campaign along. She quite enjoys it!”

To support the Kickstarter for “Queen of Scots: The Card Game” today, go to Kickstarter.com and make a pledge.

Game details are available at tinrobotgames.com

To go directly to the “Queen of Scots: The Card Game” pledge page, click here: https://bit.ly/Queenofsoctscardgame

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