Substrata to Showcase Perma-Zyme and Surfa-Zyme at ConExpo 2020

Company will demonstrate soil stabilization and dust suppressant products

LAS VEGAS, NV, February 27, 2020 – Substrata® will exhibit ConExpo on March 10-14, where they will present two of their enzyme-based soil treatment products, Perma-Zyme® and Surfa-Zyme™ at booth #S60902. ConExpo is North America’s largest construction trade show held every 3 years in Las Vegas, Nevada. The trade show is devoted to demonstrating cutting-edge equipment advances and technology uses within the construction industry.

Paving roads and dust control can be costly. The process usually requires many different types of special equipment and hauling out the old material soil the hauling in the new construction material. Perma-Zyme reduces the cost of paved roads by up to 80% while making the base of the road more robust than traditional methods. Dust control is also needed frequently during the construction process causing construction costs to add up quickly. Surfa-Zyme lasts longer than conventional dust suppressants in all climates and does not need to be applied as frequently.

Substrata is a market leader with its 100% organic, non-toxic formulations perfect for solidifying and remediating soil – all without and destructive environmental impacts. Perma-Zyme is a unique soil stabilizer that permanently bonds the clay particles together to create a concrete-like surface that lasts more than 10 years. Surfa-Zyme is a dust suppressant that creates a natural crust over the soil itself to trap the dust particles, so no dust enters into the atmosphere.

“In the company’s long history, we have never exhibited ConExpo. We are excited to showcase Perma-Zyme and Surfa-Zyme to new customers worldwide.” says Royal Marty, CEO of Substrata.

For more information on enzyme-based soil treatments, visit booth #S60902 at ConExpo in Las Vegas or visit

About Substrata
Substrata has quickly become the go-to bio-chemical manufacturer of enzyme-based products, serving government agencies, commercial businesses and farmers worldwide. Products created by Substrata are natural enzyme-based compounds that are ideal for road and soil stabilization, soil conditioning, petroleum bioremediation, cleaning and odor control. To learn more about Substrata products, call 702.825.2500 or visit

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