Consistent monitoring of TPO in beverage production


Anton Paar recently launched its TPO meter, TPO 5000, which uses a new approach to determine the headspace oxygen and dissolved oxygen in finished beer and soft drinks in one go. It is built for long-term use close to the production line: its stainless steel housing is splash-proof. Samples are taken directly from cans, glass bottles, and PET bottles and measured in less than four minutes. After measurement the device cleans itself. The user interface and result outputs of TPO 5000 can be personalised to suit individual requirements.

Hassle-free operation

TPO 5000 supports the user in every way: Beverage containers are positioned easily and centered automatically by the device. The optochemical oxygen sensor runs with minimum maintenance and requires no special attention during daily work. A customisable home screen provides quick access to favourite functions and up to 5000 measurement data sets can be stored on the instrument in order to ensure full traceability.

Combined TPO and CO2 measurement

TPO 5000 can be teamed up with Anton Paar’s carbonation meter to measure both TPO and dissolved CO2 in one measuring cycle. CarboQC selectively determines the true amount of carbon dioxide in beverages and can be used as a stand-alone instrument as well.

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About Anton Paar 

Founded in 1922 in Graz (Austria) by Anton Paar, the company is the world market leader in the measurement of density and concentration, the determination of dissolved carbon dioxide, and in the fields of rheometry and viscometry. Anton Paar’s customers include most of the major beer and soft drink manufacturers worldwide as well as companies active in the food, chemicals, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries.

Established as a one-man locksmith’s workshop, the corporation strives to combine high-precision manufacturing with the latest scientific achievements; the Anton Paar GmbH invests 16 % of the annual turnover in research. Currently, the company offers more than 170 analytical solutions that are produced almost exclusively within the company.

The Anton Paar Group is active in more than 110 countries with 32 sales subsidiaries and nine producing firms in Europe and the USA. Meanwhile, more than 3,500 employees in a worldwide network of research and development, production, sales, and support are responsible for the quality, reliability, and service of products made by Anton Paar. Since 2003, the Charitable Santner Foundation has been the owner of Anton Paar. It is dedicated exclusively and directly to charitable purposes. In 2019, the company generated net sales revenue of 411 million Euro.

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