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Blazing Bull Launches Innovative Portable Infrared Grill
Have your steak and eat it too, anywhere you want.

Waynesboro, GA – Blazing Bull Inc. announces the all-new Blazing Bull Infrared Grill, a revolutionary portable gas infrared grill made for consumers to achieve premium steakhouse quality taste at home. The secret lies in the innovative infrared heating technology, used by the world’s best steakhouses, that heats from above at extreme temperatures up to 1500°F to sear the steak in as little as 60 seconds per side and produce a wonderful, flavorful crust. Consumers can now enjoy premium steakhouse quality in any outdoor setting by grilling with the same infrared heating technology used by famous steakhouses such as Morton’s Steakhouse, Peter Lugar (Brooklyn, NY), CUT (Beverly Hills, CA), and Gibson’s (Chicago, IL). Each Blazing Bull Grill is Made in the USA and constructed with high grade stainless steel materials.

“Our intention has been to create a product that allows consumers to enjoy the best tasting steak possible in the comfort of their own backyard,” said Oliver Schwank, Blazing Bull’s Founder and CEO. “The compact design and portability of Blazing Bull enables the ability for anyone to grill premium steak in any outdoor setting – perfect for a get together with friends, tailgating at sports events, or camping.”


Oliver Schwank is the Managing Director of the Schwank Group, a worldwide leader in infrared heating. Schwank has supplied commercial broiler manufacturers with their patented infrared heating technology for over 40 years. These manufacturers have installed their broilers in world renowned steakhouses to deliver the most flavorful steak possible to restaurant goers. Now, consumers can enjoy steakhouse quality taste without leaving their home by grilling with the exact same heating technology used by the world’s best steakhouses.

Premium Steakhouse Quality Taste
Traditional grills cook meat over a longer period of time at around 600 F or less. Blazing Bull revolutionizes home grilling by heating overhead at extreme temperatures of 1500°F which activates what scientists call the “Maillard Reaction” causing the amino acids to react with sugars to create the juiciest steaks previously only possible when dining at the world’s best steakhouses. A drip tray located at the bottom of the grill is used to collect meat juices used to enhance the flavor of your food. Placing the steak in the drip tray and tossing it in the meat juices enhances the flavor immensely in a way that was never possible with traditional grills. Butter, spices, and oils can also be added to the drip tray for even more flavor.

Portable & Durable
Blazing Bull’s compact design is constructed of durable 304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. The carrying handles and small footprint (25 inches long x 15.5 inches wide x 15” inches high) make it perfect for grilling great tasting food in any outdoor setting. All you need is a propane tank and your Blazing Bull and you’re ready to grill mouthwatering steaks in any outdoor setting. An optional 1 lb propane bottle adapter is also available for sale for smaller bottles.

Not Just for Steak
While Blazing Bull does an incredible job at grilling superior steaks, the intense radiant heat also increases the flavor and juiciness of chicken, fish, hamburgers, lamb, and more. You can also convert your Blazing Bull into a pizza oven with our pizza stone accessory to cook delicious crispy pizza ready in only a few minutes.

Quick Start Up Time
Traditional gas grills require about 10 minutes to preheat, and charcoal grills need about 20 minutes. Blazing Bull can reach full 1500 F temperature in under 5 minutes from ignition. The battery-operated push button igniter makes it easy to get the grill fired up within seconds.

Ready in Minutes
By reaching extremely hot temperatures, Blazing Bull can grill incredibly juicy steaks much faster than traditional gas or charcoal barbeques. Grilling with a traditional grill, a steak can take anywhere from 4-10 minutes depending on wellness. Blazing Bull grills a medium-rare steak in as little as 3 minutes. This means less time from the grill into your mouth.

Easy to Clean
Cleaning is made efficient with the simplicity of the Blazing Bull’s fully removable components. When grilling at extreme temperatures, things can get messy. The Blazing Bull allows you to completely remove the entire grilling area to clean easily and without any hassle. All removable parts are dishwasher safe so you can get back to grilling in no time.

Pricing & Availability
Blazing Bull is Made in the USA and is available for purchase online at blazingbullgrills.com at a retail price of $1,250. Various accessories are also available to make the infrared grilling experience even more enjoyable. Some of the accessories available on the Blazing Bull website include a grill cover, Blazing Bull apron, cutting board, pizza stone, and pizza peel.

About Blazing Bull Inc.
Blazing Bull Inc. is a subsidiary of the Schwank Group, who have been providing their infrared burner technology to the restaurant industry for over 40 years. We are a manufacturer of innovative infrared barbecue grills for consumers. Our products are Made in the USA and assembled at our manufacturing facility located in Waynesboro, Georgia. We are committed to provide high quality grilling equipment to consumers in North America. For more information on Blazing Bull, visit blazingbullgrills.com.

For more information please contact Andrew Aceti at press@blazingbullgrills.com

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