Skim Technologies rebrands to Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights lead to bolder decisions.
Automatic discovery through applied data science using more of your data.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand, Deeper Insights.

The rebrand is due to the maturing of our offering to clients over the last couple of years, and the deeper insights we now bring to market researchers, analysts and market makers across multiple industries globally.

Our origins were based in data gathering via our AI powered Skim Engine™, however that has evolved now to include much more, such as prediction and automated insights discovery through beautiful and easy to share dashboards. Therefore we wanted a brand that represented this fuller service.

What we offer today is a full suite of AI development services, together with a set of powerful data gathering tools and Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms that clients such as IAC, Deloitte and Breast Cancer Now have used to innovate and discover insights from vast unstructured data sets.

We continue to develop our Skim Engine™ capabilities with the recent launch of our Focused Crawler, and are committed to keeping up the high level of data gathering that our clients have come to rely on us for.

We’re your partner, with six years of experience in building AI solutions for large enterprise and scale-up clients, a suite of AI models, and data visualisation dashboards that enable you to quickly analyse and share insights.

With our combined AI technologies and services, you can get to the answers you need that empower you to make braver business decisions.

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