Cream of Cornish Entrepreneurs Innovate for UK

BODMIN, Cornwall – A team of entrepreneurs and product development “geeks” are helping UK companies meet the radical challenges posted by COVID-19. Innovolo have a wide range of experience and expertise they can draw on to help businesses adapt and launch new products with extraordinary speed.

Their secret sauce? It’s all about having a system, according to Managing Director Robin Pallister:

“There’s been a massive increase in new product ideas as a result of this global pandemic. But going from idea to reality – a product you can ship out of the door next week – needs a system. Luckily, we’ve made one. It’s called the Innovolation Framework.”

Their system claims to greatly speed up the process of product development, allowing multiple stages of the project to be worked on simultaneously. Of course, it helps that they have a panel of experts that include technical and engineering professionals, chemical engineers, physicians, 3D designers, and more.

They’ve even launched their own online Call for Innovations where any budding inventor can submit their idea for expert evaluation and advice:

So, if you’re a Cornish inventor or entrepreneur looking to play your part in helping the country move forward to better times again – you don’t have far to look for a helping hand! With the help of product design and development experts like Innovolo, your idea – whether for a physical product, a software application, or a combination of both – could become reality far quicker than you think.

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