Turning Beards into Forests on Kickstarter this Arbor Day

Turning Beards into Forests on Kickstarter this Arbor Day

Green Beard Grooming makes compostable, sustainable, wood combs and they plant trees.

Martin, TN – April 2020 – Green Beard Grooming (GBG) launched on Kickstarter in March amidst the current global crisis with plans to transform the egocentric, macho beard industry and the world into a greener, healthier place, one beard at a time. The forest-friendly startup makes compostable wood combs and plants trees for every comb sold. GBG is 100% funded in time to celebrate Arbor Day on April 24th, which is especially important this year when fewer people are likely to be planting trees.

Company creator, Ryan Trump, grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Nebraska and truly believes in the healing power of the forest and reforestation projects. “A tree is such a wonderful gift to the world,” said Trump. “Growing up on Pinecrest Tree Farm led to my appreciation of trees and the natural world. There’s nothing better than visiting the trees I helped plant with my Dad, scattered around our corner of Nebraska.”

Green Beard Grooming has two lines of pocket combs available on Kickstarter, now through early May, the Naturally Normal Bamboo Pocket Comb and the Tree-mendous Sandalwood Folding Comb. Both combs are compostable and sustainably sourced. GBG plants 1 tree for every 3-pack of bamboo combs sold and 2 trees for every sandalwood folding comb.

“The world is crazy right now but startups like ours give people hope for a healthier world and brighter future. We have already been contacted by a Shark Tank recruiter, but that is just a pipedream at this point.” Ryan Trump

Trump explained that the idea to sell compostable wood combs came after years of losing black plastic combs in parking lots. Basic wood combs are surprisingly expensive and the beard industry isn’t very good about supporting environmental initiatives. A few of the big men’s grooming brands do the odd fundraiser, treating eco-projects as add-ons to their normal products, but it’s not enough. “We plan to change how the men’s grooming industry looks at ecological responsibility, and what customers expect from their beard products,” said Trump.

Kickstarter is just the start of this acorn of a startup. Their project was 100% funded with 26 days left in the campaign, and they have already been contacted by a national reality television business program. Kickstarter rewards will arrive on doorsteps by Father’s Day and their online storefront will launch that same week.   

GBG has been doing their part to distract and entertain people while they are sheltering in place. “We have a video project, we call Green Beard Forest Therapy that’s a lot of fun. It’s basically just me going through my daily beard routine set to a forest background and soothing music. Our hope is to help people relax a little during these crazy times,” said Trump.

For more information contact GBG’s creator Ryan Trump at ryant@greenbeardgrooming.com, or 402-416-9620.




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