There is a hidden reality among the remains of generations, extinguished and renewed a thousand times.

The reality of forms (Reflections on the structure of reality)

A new book by author Antonio Canteras now available on Amazon

Tulsa, OK, USA – 04/26/2020

Antonio Canteras, an author, poet, and philosopher based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma with a passion for rational new thinking, this week announced that his new book The reality of forms (Reflections on the structure of reality) is officially available on Amazon for purchase. A beautifully written reflection of one man’s intuitive perspective on reality, and how we exist within it, this book will send readers deep into themselves manifesting profound and unforeseen questions, and possibly life changing answers.

The impressions of those early years were decisive in trying to understand the nature of a reality that was hidden behind the obvious expression of an apparent and tangible materiality, visible and real to the perception of my senses. And around me, that perception was presented as a combination of defined and precise forms fulfilling vital cycles of invariant destruction and regeneration. Everything showed the deterioration and decay of matter and form, but everything also resurfaced from destruction with unparalleled strength and beauty.”

Antonio Canteras, BSME, was born in Madrid in 1945, fortunately just months before the end of World War II, but in the middle of a dictatorship regime in Spain, years after the Civil War. However, his early interest in design and his creative capacity soon led him, not only to write, but to higher studies at the University of Madrid and later, in particular, to the design and manufacture of thermal, process, petrochemical and nuclear plants, as an engineer specialist in Structural Analysis. Graduated in Mechanical and Structural Engineering from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, he held various positions in the Heat Transfer Industry in the United States, as well as a specialist consultant for several overseas countries. Poet, writer and philosopher, he possesses, together with an elegant and rational style, a remarkable capacity to express new ideas, especially on the evolution of knowledge and consciousness in intelligent beings.

The reflections in this book seek to reflect that concern. In a way, our destiny, in our current state of evolution, is an unpredictable and unknown destination in a closed system of constant transformation in which we are the protagonists of this game, where the reality of matter and form defines our conditions of survival.”

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