Finally – Independent Vehicle Inspections are here

Buying a car can, and should, be a lot like buying a house. No matter if it’s brand new or if it’s second hand, it’s vital to ensure it’s going to be a good investment that’ll last you for as long as you need.

4 Million Used Cars A Year
Over 4 million used cars have been bought in 2019 already. That’s 1 in every 15 of us! With his many people buying these cars every year, issues are fairly common.

An MOT and HPI Check Are Not Enough
Government services like the MOT only tell you if a car is safe to drive at the moment the MOT test takes place. Even with a current MOT, serious issues either electrical, mechanical, or structural can still be present and be about to cost you a huge amount of money to repair.

HPI checks will tell you if the car is stolen or has finance on it – which is vital to verify. However, it won’t tell you if your brake discs are worn or if the clutch is about to go.

In a recent survey, 90% of used cars tested had maintenance issues, and a further 20% of those were serious, despite these precautions being in place. The MOT and HPI check is important but they only tell you if the car is illegal or hazardous at the time of purchase, nothing more.

Dealership Checks and Warranties
Many dealerships advertise the fact that they do extensive checks on all their second-hand cars before they sell them and they also provide warranties. However, these checks are not independent – the seller who really wants to sell a car and make a profit will have their interests in mind, not yours. Also, their warranties frequently exclude most of the standard parts that need to be replaced likes, tyres, and brakes.

Independent Checks
What you really need is an independent car checking service and finally, these are available in the UK. founder Klavs Simkus, a qualified mechanic and entrepreneur with over 20 years of
experience explains what these services are all about:

“The demand for pre-purchase car examinations is ever increasing. Prior to buying a used car, it is so important to check what you’re actually buying. A poorly maintained vehicle could potentially come with an expensive price tag for repairs needed after purchase. CarExamer aims to help car buyers by doing a more than 200-point inspection and providing approximate repair estimates, audio feedback, video feedback, and inspector follow up call with instant reports after inspection. A qualified mechanic is given an objective to inspect the sellers/vendor’s car’s condition, taking into consideration the mileage and age of the car and report back. The report covers any maintenance issues, faults in the electrical system (diagnostic scans of all subsystems are performed), possibly developing faults in the future where no immediate action is needed. Finally, a recommendation of the best possible course of action for the buyer is given.”

Your car is in safe hands too. All inspectors working in the company have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working with used vehicles, be that in garages and repair shops or breakdown recovery and roadside assistance. They are all fully certified with accreditations and qualifications to ensure you’re getting the best possible service, all fully insured.

Save your time, your money, and your effort with service 7 days per week, 14 hours a day, all in place to help you help yourself. Don’t get caught out!

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