Easy Steps for Planning an Outdoor Living Space

Sometimes, when you’re relaxing at home, you want to get close to nature. Spending some time amid greenery and breezes can lift your spirits. Enjoying downtime in your own yard, also known as a “staycation,” is a lifestyle trend that became popular in 2008. If you have extra space outside your home, you can design a retreat that you can use anytime.

Why Are Outdoor Living Spaces Becoming Popular? 

An outdoor living space functions as an extension of your house. More than just a patio, it is an inviting area that includes couches, TV sets, and other luxury items. An AIA survey revealed a 63% increase in demand for outdoor living space.

Interest in outdoor living space has been growing for several reasons:

  • It increases the value of a home.
  • It is popular with millennials and baby boomers.
  • People prefer suburban or rural settings.
  • It is becoming a standard feature of the American home.

Steps for Designing Outdoor Living Spaces

The planning process begins the moment you decide to add outdoor living space. Take it one step at a time so that you don’t make any rushed decisions or fail to consider important factors.

  1. Purpose of the area

Planning an outdoor living space requires a clear understanding of why you are doing it. The design depends entirely on your needs. A random plan can lead you to make a bad investment. Some things to consider are:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • If the space is for entertainment, there should be corners for items like a TV set.
  • If it is for solitude and privacy, the design should reflect this.
  • Kids generally prefer an outdoor space with a pool.
  1. Size of the area

This is a major factor when it comes to making a budget. If you are planning your space near a sprawling lawn, walkways and seating areas may be part of your design. Other options like canopies or stone walkways will make a difference in the budget.

Some basic rules:

  • Make a tentative budget so you can start designing.
  • For a detailed budget, include everything from floor tiles to landscaping costs.
  • Get a price per square foot.
  • A larger space means a higher cost, as it will include more features.
  • Plan a lavish setting, but always go for the best value.

If you do not follow these rules, the costs will soon get out of hand.

  1. Design for future plans

You will definitely want to flaunt the details of your design. That is why each element has to be placed so that people will notice it. Poor planning leads to less appreciation, and you will not be satisfied with the space.

  • Look for the spot that your guests will use most.
  • Place the entrance in that area.
  • Plan the rest of the space accordingly.
  • Take traffic flow into account.
  1. Structural changes

Features like motorized retractable awnings or canopies for outdoor shade structures require electrical outlets. An outdoor kitchen will also require an electrical supply.

  • Contact an electrician.
  • Go over the plan in detail.
  • Keep a provision for boosting the power.
  • Make sure there’s a water line so you don’t have to run indoors every time you need water.
  • Be sure that you are not obstructing your neighbor’s rights.
  1. Plan for privacy

If you’re having a relaxing evening or holding a party, you’ll want privacy from neighbors or passersby. An outdoor structure that meets this requirement takes good planning.

  • Good fencing is essential.
  • Pergola curtains are a good way to block the view from the road.
  • A canopy overhead will block the view of unwanted onlookers. It will also give your space some protection from the sun and rain.
  1. Other essentials

With the basics covered, you can move on to embellishments like furniture and potted plants. These will enhance your outdoor living structure design. The best part is, you can add them over time.

  • Do not buy everything at once. Identify the essentials and buy them first. One of such essentials is buying game furniture so there is a corner for entertainment and fun. Such furniture you can buy in gameplease.com
  • Trends change, and so will your taste.
  • A flexible decor plan offers longer-lasting appeal.

Some Statistics:

The current trend in outdoor living space design is to use eco-friendly materials. Research shows that, these days, people prefer LED (58%) and solar-powered (56%) lights.

People prefer to decorate their outdoor spaces with native plants that require less attention. About 92% of people surveyed said that they would go with plants that match the surrounding environment.

These choices impact the way space looks and how costly an investment it will be.


Designing the perfect outdoor living space is your dream. We get that. These steps will head you in the right direction. You can take your time choosing top-of-the-line products to supply the finishing touches.

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