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The new way to access UK Dockets.

London, April 2020 – vLex Justis launch a new UK dockets collection from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court, bringing case law and dockets together on a single intelligent platform for the first time. Uniquely, this collection is available without timed access restrictions, or the need to pay per session.

All superior court dockets available in one place

vLex Justis is the only research platform that makes UK dockets available alongside primary and secondary sources from over 130 jurisdictions, including the largest collection of UK superior court judgments available anywhere online and comprehensive as-enacted UK legislation.

Containing over 20,000 recent UK dockets, this new and regularly updated collection will enable law firms, barristers’ chambers, due diligence professionals and corporate investigations firms to easily search, download, share and create email alerts for new dockets with ease.

vLex Justis has made dockets available for ongoing access, so researchers no longer need to wait or request access from their organisation, no longer need to visit multiple websites, and are no longer restricted by timed access as they would be with traditional docket services. Larger organisations can also benefit from multiple user access to dramatically reduce the time searching and retrieving documents across teams.

Quickly create email alerts and follow dockets

Only with vLex Justis can users easily explore the full history of a case from docket to judgment and beyond to any appellate stages; the ability to follow a docket and be notified of any update to the progress of a case is available for all vLex Justis users. Powerful alerting features can be used to inform users when new dockets are added, or when the judgment of a case is available on the service.

To learn more, to experience the benefits of accessing dockets alongside case law on vLex Justis with a free trial, or to arrange an online demonstration or consultation, visit our UK dockets launch page.  Learn more about UK dockets on vLex Justis.

About vLex Justis

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