Nalula Launches Its New Agent Leaderboard Allowing Homeowners To Discover The Top-Performing Realtor

Nalula Launches Its New Agent Leaderboard Allowing Homeowners To Discover The Top-Performing Realtor To Sell Their Home, Reducing The Risk Of Underpricing Or Of A Property Sitting On The Market For Too Long.


The Agent Leaderboard empowers homeowners to filter by location, price, and property type and ranks Realtors by their actual sales performance instead of client reviews.

● Don’t use a Realtor because they’re your Mom’s best friend.
● Don’t use a Realtor because of their Zillow reviews.
● Do use a Realtor because they’re the best salesperson for the job.

Honolulu, HI November 24, 2020 — The Agent Leaderboard ranks sellers’ agents by what matters most—sales performance. Other real estate technology companies have information available about listing agents but only allow you to sort alphabetically or by reviews, with no ranking mechanism for how well an agent performs from a business perspective.

Example of top-performing Realtors selling Lahaina condos between $450K-$750K

The Agent Leaderboard is dynamic. Users can filter agents by county, city, or even neighborhood and building, enabling buyers to work with the leading Realtor in their specific area. Additionally, users can filter agents by property type and price to ensure the Realtor they choose has sold comparable homes to their own.

Currently, the Leaderboard ranks sellers’ agents (a.k.a. listing agents). Nalula plans to launch buyer agent rankings in Q1 of 2021. All sales data used to rank agents comes from the four Hawaii County Real Property Tax Assessment Divisions, is public information, and available online.

About Nalula: is a data technology company bringing transparency to the real estate industry. Nalula is currently beta testing in Hawaii with plans to expand nationally in 2021. Nalula believes essential property data and market conditions should be readily available and easily consumable to help educate people making one of the largest financial decisions of their life, buying or selling a home.

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