Social Distancing with An Entrance Mat? 2 Meters and Social Distancing Could Not Be Clearer

Just launched is a simple but very effective entrance mat for all commercial premises that gets the social distancing message across ‘Loud and Clear’.

Codvid-19 has taught us all that social distancing is here to stay for quite some time yet and with commercial premises doing all they can to re-open safely our new social distancing mats get the message across to customers loud and clear.

With bold wording, loud distance markers, and clear foot placements it is an effective tool in getting the message across and crucially helping us all to reduce the spread of Corona Virus.

Quality is also key in choosing the correct mat. Our Covid-19 mats are designed for high traffic areas, they are good for dirt scrapping, they absorb water, they are wheelchair friendly, fire retardant and are fully washable.

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