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Our Frontline Heroes

HBB give away hundreds of bags to frontline workers across the UK

For the last 2 weeks, The Healthy Back Bag Company has been asking the general public to nominate their own Frontline Heroes – and the response has been amazing with 1000s of nominations pouring in.

The initiative originated in early March when the team discussed how they could support all of those key workers putting themselves at risk every day and it was decided that they would give away 150 bags to those whose stories moved them the most.

Very soon though, with personal tragedy hitting the team this initiative took on far greater meaning as Dan Luxon, HBB’s Head of Business Development explains:  “Not long after we had come up with the idea of a Frontline Heroes campaign my mother-in-law caught the virus. Although physically fit and well, within 4 days she was taken to hospital and sadly died 2 days later.”

Dan goes on to explain:

“The shock to our family was extreme and the circumstances of not being able to visit and family members being isolated was heart wrenching which made the amazing support and comfort we were shown all the more powerful. The paramedics who came within minutes to her home, the staff at The Royal Free Hospital, those in contact with the family following her death – these people were truly amazing.”

Our frontline hero nominations have come from all areas of the country across a huge range of industries, from NHS staff to pharmacists, delivery drivers, checkout staff, care workers and so many others…

Some of the heartwarming stories from those who have received our bags:

Michael nominated by his friend Rosalind
“Michael is a paramedic… The current crisis means wearing uncomfortable protection gear, being called out not knowing what they will face and with the likelihood that a percentage of their pick up will not make it. They risk their lives to do it. Michael does this so willingly without any thought of his safety, shift after shift. A little boost to morale will go a long way”

Amanda nominated by her daughter Chloe
“I nominate our hard working mum. Who works different day evening and night shifts in SSD Craigavon Area Hospital. Mum never complains, but I can see on her face she is worried and tired, her smile is always there but her eyes say different. I would love this surprise for mum, she wouldn’t ever expect this

Eduardo nominated by his mum Sandra
“Eduardo is my 18 year old son, one of the youngest frontline works in the QMC hospital where he works as a phlebotomist. He works day In day out, staring Covid in the face… He gives up his days off as he says the patients need his help more than he needs his rest. He is always there for his team, that are so short staffed. He has grown up into a beautiful human and I’m sooo proud of him. He is our HERO”

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Frontline Heroes Campaign will continue for the next two weeks and the company will give away 150 HBB Expedition Bags®.

About The Bag

The Expedition Healthy Back Bag is made of strong, water-resistant cotton twill with nubuck leather trim, burnished brass hardware, and a fleece-lined strap for extra comfort

features a full size internal zipped and padded security pocket for valuables.

About The Healthy Back Bag Company

Who created The Healthy Back Bag?
When Margery and Irwin Gaffin set themselves the challenge in the early 1990’s of creating a single-strap bag that was comfortable to wear and actively good for your back, they stumbled across a unique idea. ‘I wanted a bag which looked good but also worked with my back rather than against it’, explains Margery of her dream. As a leather craftsman and designer, Irwin set about creating a teardrop-shaped bag with no rigid elements which enabled it to curve to the spine and after collaborating with health professionals, The Healthy Back Bag was born. In 2004, the bag winged its way across the Atlantic with Priscilla Chase heading up the UK and international business. Healthy Back Bags now sell in over 27 countries worldwide.

10 Reasons to pick up a Healthy Back Bag

1. Looks great – 100’s of different colours and fabrics in several sizes
2. Versatile – Wear it 4 ways, on either shoulder or cross-body
3. The Shape – Always contours naturally to the curve of your back
4. Organised – Multiple cleverly configured pockets
5. Distributes weight – Those clever pockets also help to distribute weight around the bag
6. Life-proof – Water resistant and durable
7. Easy to clean – wipe with a damp cloth. Some are machine washable
8. Every bag has a silver lining – Reflects light and helps you find what you are looking for
9. Secure and safe – The main zip is always against the back, accessible only to you
10. Because your back works hard enough – So be kind!

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