Cin-Cin Comics by Marwan Chamaa

Cin-Cin Comics is a biannual tongue in cheek comics-cover-paintings series founded in 2020 by painter/ author/ editor/ publisher Marwan Chamaa aka Mar-Vain Candle. The first “issue” is number 35, the reason for not starting with number 1 is “a secret” according to Mr. Chamaa.

Cin-Cin Comics uses existing comics elements, topics, and characters as a base to satirically emphasise the cultural, political, and social landscape. Most illustrations are from the mid 50s America, giving the paintings a retro look. Cin-Cin Comics, not always politically correct, is a highly collectable series.

Each painting is around 80 cm x 110 cm (31.50 x 43.30 inch), painted usually in acrylic paint.

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