Four Fun Eco-Friendly Products for the Office

Like any good employer, you probably like to provide your team/office with fun and functional items that they’ll get a lot of use out of that also promote your business. There are multiple companies online where you can order these items – everything from engraved pens to printed coffee mugs, screen printed t-shirts and everything in between. 

You may be thinking that you’d like to go eco-friendly and take steps to reduce the harm on the environment, and those little fun items are no exception. But how do you continue to print merchandise and gift items while being more environmentally conscious? Below are four ideas for cool merchandise and swag you can give employees and clients that aren’t bad for the environment. 

Lanyards and Name Tags

Many companies require their employees to wear name tags or lanyards – this is necessary for larger businesses with a big team, and for those who work in medical or security industries. Often lanyards and name tags can contain harmful plastics or other materials that aren’t exactly eco-friendly. 

Eco lanyards, name tags and badges exist, thank goodness! These lanyards are created with natural materials like bamboo and plant silks and they look every bit as polished as their counterparts. They’re every bit as durable and long-lasting, too. 

Toys and Gadgets

Companies have been handing out little toys since forever; something simple like a paddle, a mini-frisbee, a yo-yo, or a spinning top emblazoned with a company logo certainly does the trick. But the problem is, these little trinkets and toys are almost always made with harmful plastics, and let’s face it – half the time they’re getting thrown straight into the trash. 

Why not give out toys and trinkets that are not only eco-friendly, but will actually get played with? Several companies are making some really innovative, creative and fun toys with sustainable and eco-friendly products, and they’re actually really cool. 

If you’re just stuck on those little mini-frisbees, though, there are companies out there making the tried and true old fashioned toys out of recycled materials. How neat is that? 

T-Shirts, Totes and Clothing

Company t-shirts are a booming business with both local and online screen printing businesses swamped with orders. You’ve likely bought many shirts over the years to give out to employees or customers. But you may find yourself wanting to go with a more environmentally conscious shirt for your next run of tees. Luckily there are many companies out there who do sustainable screen printing with some really eye-catching and fun-to-wear designs. And they’re not as pricey as you might expect. 

Printed Materials

As you’ve no doubt guessed, if you can make t-shirts, toys and lanyards eco-friendly, you can definitely do so with your business cards, packaging and other printing needs. In many cases your local print shop already has options for recycled papers, environmentally safe inks, and many other options to choose from. In the instances that they don’t, it’s as simple as popping online to outsource your printing needs. Recycled paper products actually look really great, too – it’s a natural look that can’t be emulated. 

These are just four ways your company can continue giving gifts and promotional items while avoiding the use of horrible plastics and unsafe materials. You’ll be very pleased with the natural look and function of these great products while still getting the brand recognition that you want.