Have you considered working with a recruiter while you’re searching for a new job? There are plenty of reasons to find a recruiting agency but you do need to stand out from the crowd once you apply. Your quest for employment is yours, even if they help. Give advice listening to the insider knowledge recruiters may offer, but bear in mind that at the end of the day recruiters have divided allegiances and are salespeople. How does a recruiter consider you and get a better shot at landing a job? Here are some tips to get noticed in the door, and your foot.

Be clear with your interests

One thing a recruiter might frustrate is a job seeker who won’t be honest or straightforward about what they want. You may be contacted by a recruiter with openings, and if you repeatedly say those aren’t fit for what you’re looking for, they will not call again. Instead, you can minimize this by making your job quest very transparent from the outset. In this way, the recruiter can call you only with opportunities that suit your skills and interests.

Effective communication is must

This is also imperative that you communicate clearly and regularly over the entire process. When you are being called by a recruiter for a job, don’t ghost them. When you do, they’re definitely not going to call you up. But if you’re communicative on a regular basis, they’ll have more of an incentive to contact base and are able to chat about future opportunities with you. Make sure the contact is clear both in-person and online, as well as over the internet.

Highlight Contributions

Don’t just tell the recruiter that you have a unique experience when you are applying for a position, prove it. They want to learn they put a top-quality candidate in the job and you have to prove that. The series is about your history, don’t say. Discuss the different ways you have strengthened your last company, or how much money your work has gained the organization in just one calendar year.

Be Honest

Finally, be dependable. When you apply with a staffing company and have short-term vacancies open, go ahead and take them. When you’re showing your value to a recruiter, they’ll be in your corner to make sure you get the right permanent placement position for their best clients. You represent the recruiter to the organizations in whom they operate, and they will be much more eager and prepared to hire someone who has done a fantastic job for them in the past.

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