Parth Patel becomes latest star to SHAVE his head in coronavirus lockdown in India

PARTH PATEL has joined the growing crop of stars who have had their heads shaved during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Spotify artist revealed his new barnet on Instagram.


Parth, who has always liked to cause a stir with his new haircuts, is among several football stars who have cut off their locks.

His mate Vishal Patel also followed suit during the three-week lockdown to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

India’s one of the youngest Spotify verified artist Parth Patel went one further by going completely bald.

And Parth has gone for a not-so-startling buzz cut.

His Instagram post got some good responses for his new look and, at the time of writing, had nearly hundreds of likes.

One user probably summed up the opinion of many when they said of the look: “Looks hot”.

It is the first time Parth has gone for the cropped look. He thought of shaving head back in 2010, but due to ongoing events, he was not able to do it.

And one of the famous musicians of Ahmedabad Mayank Panchal famously made him shave off his mohawk in the year 2020.

We may see more quarantine cool stuff coming out of Parth’s Instagram account. It has been seen he is publishing articles on

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