Announcing the launch of a new online directory containing commercial deep cleaning companies in Kent is a new website directory for businesses looking for commercial deep cleaning companies in Kent. The directory contains a specially curated list of expert deep cleaning companies based in Kent. Users can compare different providers and save time by requesting quotes from multiple companies using a simple form.

Regular cleaning schedules are vital in keeping buildings clean. On top of that, additional deep cleaning is an important part of keeping buildings safe. A deep clean covers area that are hard to reach and are beyond the scope of the regular cleaning schedule and where germs and dirt could build-up.

The frequency of deep cleaning will be dictated by traffic. Responsible organisations and employers should book a deep clean when a virus outbreak is suspected. Although many establishments have shut their doors to most customers and staff, a deep clean may be needed to remove any traces of the virus before re-opening.

Deep cleaning to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus will use similar disinfection procedures that already exist to kill the common cold or flu viruses. Public health advice is very similar for both businesses and individual households. Frequency of cleaning should be increased, especially on “high-touch” areas such as lift buttons and door handles. It is also important that the correct disinfecting products are used, as the action of cleaning alone will not eradicate the virus.

Bio-fogging is a very effective method for getting rid of pathogens such as coronavirus, norovirus and MRSA. Bio-fogging works by creating a dry mist of fine droplets in the air. As the droplets settle, all areas are sterilised including ceilings, floors and carpets, furnishings and walls. All chemicals and products used during the process should comply with current health and safety regulations.

Many sectors including gyms and transportation providers benefit from bio-fogging to control infections. Hard to reach germs from coughing and hands contaminate door handles, phones, keyboards, desks and other equipment. Bio-fogging is a fast and effective method for controlling the spread of virus infection.

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