New Thriller by Jeremy Bradley-Silverio Donato Reaches #1 on the Charts

Eiffel Tower Press is proud to announce that Jeremy Bradley-Silverio Donato’s novel novel, “A Dragonfly’s Wing,” is tracking as a #1 New Release on Amazon.

Set in Paris, London, and New York, “A Dragonfly’s Wing” is the story of what happens when you throw Britain’s new prime minister, a successful novelist, and a homeless boy from an abusive background all in the same milieu. This wise, farcical novel reminds us why Donato has been called “an icon to the LGBT community” by the International Association of Top Professionals.

What Others are Saying:

“Between its political intrigues and emotional highs and lows, A Dragonfly’s Wing sheds light on underwritten issues such as poverty nestled among the affluent.” Indies Today

“Jeremy captures audiences from around the globe with his cultural depictions.” Stephanie Cirami

“Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato is a man who exemplifies what it means to reinvent yourself.” Breakaway Daily Magazine

About the Author:

Named 2020 Writer of the Year, Jeremy Bradley-Silverio Donato is the author of two bestselling novels. His debut was a 2019 finalist for the Wishing Shelf Award. He lives in Paris and has visited over fifty countries, writing wherever he happens to be.

If you want to follow Jeremy, please visit his website at or follow him online @jeremycbradley. For media enquiries, visit:

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