5 reasons why you should invest in Axis Bluechip Fund

Launched on 1st Jan 2013, Axis Bluechip Fund is an open-ended mutual fund scheme predominantly investing in large-cap stocks. The primary goal of the investment is to obtain a long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio, primarily consisting of equity & equity-related securities of large-cap companies, including derivatives. This Bluechip Fund has beaten the benchmark and category over the past five years. The fund chooses its stocks depending on its capacity to grow earnings lastingly. Axis bluechip fund invests about 80–100 percent in large-cap firms while 0–20 percent in others. For a 3-year annualized returns of approximately 11.99 percent and 5-year returns of 17.00 percent, this is about 2 percent greater than the average return and is 2–3 percent greater than the gains from the category. If you invested in this fund five years ago through a SIP of INR 5000, now its worth would be INR 4.61 lakhs.

Given below are some statistical information on Axis Bluechip Fund, to help you weigh your investment options better-

  • Fund Manager: Shreyash Devalkar has been managing Axis Mutual Funds since 23rd Nov 2016. With the expertise of over five years in the equity markets as an Equity Research Analyst, he specializes in Telecommunication services, Information Technology, and Utilities sectors
  • Risk Level: The Axis Bluechip Fund growth is estimated as moderately high. Also, for investors who are looking for capital appreciation over a long period, this scheme is highly suitable
  • Fund Entry and Exit Load: Units that are more than about 10% of the investment; 1% will be imposed for redemption(s) within a year

                           Shreyash Devalkar is the fund manager of the Axis Bluechip Fund.

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 The primary purpose of the Axis Bluechip Fund’s Direct Plan-Growth?

The chief purpose of the Axis Bluechip Fund’s Direct Plan (G) is to .long-term capital appreciation by investing majorly in equity and equity-related securities in diverse portfolios. The Axis Bluechip fund is one of the best performing funds in the large-cap category. It has surmounted its competitors and has steadily given high returns over time. It is even regarded as number one in the large-cap category by analysts.

Investment Goal of Axis Bluechip Fund

The primary goal of this the Axis Bluechip fund is to invest in a diversified portfolio to achieve a capital appreciation over a long time, majorly comprising of equity and equity-related securities of large-cap organizations, including derivatives. Nonetheless, do note that there can be no absolute certitude that the investment purpose of the scheme will always be achieved.

Benefits of investing with Axis Bluechip Fund

  1. The Axis Bluechip Fund strives to outpace the benchmark with risk lesser than the benchmark.
  2. Target Goals- Axis Bluechip funds help you achieve long-standing objectives like retirement plans, your child(s)’ future & educational aspirations, or any other planned growth that needs wealth creation plan
  3. Asset Class Benefit- Equity as an asset class, has the potential to overcome inflation and produce wealth that will last for an extended period
  4. Moreover, Axis Bluechip mutual funds invest primarily in large companies.
  5. These companies are traded very often and thus are liquid as well as less volatile as such stocks have established track record, business models, and also capable enough to produce long-term persistently steady returns.

You can further deep-dive into the perks of investing in the Axis Bluechip Fund online to know more about the scheme.

Who Should be Investing in Axis Bluechip Fund & Why?

  1. Over the past years, the Axis Bluechip Fund has established as a reliable and steady fund scheme, in its class, in current vacillating markets and market trends where only some stocks have fared well. This fund serves well for companies having long-term growth and wealth generation goals and aspirations. It is recommended for the investors to stay invested in the fund for a minimum period of around 5-7 years
  2. The Axis Bluechip Fund is an equity asset that can produce capital through high returns and even knock inflation. Therefore, investors who are watching out for higher returns than fixed deposits should contemplate investing in this mutual fund.
  3. The fund is fitting for investors who are considering more secure opportunities in equity investment. This is because this investment is done in brand equities and ensures steady returns due to regular sales and acquisition of shares.
  4. If you are seeking investment in a diversified portfolio, paramountly comprising of equity and equity-centric means of large-cap companies, you should consider investing in Axis Bluechip Fund.
  5. All Equity Funds are subjected to market risks and, therefore, may offer negative returns. The riskometer of the Axis Bluechip fund is moderately high. However, the Axis Bluechip Fund chooses stocks with prominent earning visibility. It invests about 87% of the fund in bluechip companies, and about 61% of the portfolio consists of the topmost six companies. Its primary association is with sectors of different financial institutions, and IT amongst others. Therefore, only the investors who have the potential to tolerate moderately high risks should think of investing in these funds.

Here are additional reasons why you should be investing in Axis Bluechip Fund

  1. Portfolio: Axis Bluechip Fund gives better returns with a focused plan of action. A focused strategy is a smarter choice in the quest to take up higher risks for greater returns. Since it is a large-cap fund, it is suggested to invest in equity mutual funds for a minimum period of 5 years so that you can earn returns from them.
  2. Expense Ratio: The expense ratio is 2.11 percent
  3. Flexible Returns: The Axis Bluechip Fund is highly stable with its 1, 3, and 5-year returns