5 productive tips for efficient remote teamwork!

The ongoing pandemic has certainly created obstacles in regards to work, altering the complete course of professional life! Its severity has not only forced work to decrease but altogether switch to a completely different platform!

Remote working is on the rise as workers flock towards a safer and more accessible form of income. With its many advantages such as increased productivity, working hour’s flexibility, and of course the relaxation, it has quickly been adopted by many offices completely erasing the idea of on-location work.

However, it does come with its challenges so how can one get the most out of having a team working remotely without suffering any loss in the quality of work provided? Think no more! Just swipe up to read these 5 amazing tips on how to get the wheel of work in motion and bring in those dollars!

1)    Communication is key!

Remember, the emphasis is on teamwork and a team is only as good as its members! Make sure there are adequate means of uninterrupted communication amongst coworkers.

Often time’s meanings can get misconstrued without those face-to-face instructions thus it’s extremely important to bridge all communication gaps!

Here a few helpful pointers:

·       Take advantage of technology:

This is the time to be a tech wiz and cash in on those untapped internet skills! Research and compile a list of apps and make it mandatory for employees to download for maximum contact. Create assignments, tasks, and reports on apps and keep a digital record of everything.

Working has never been easier!

·       Share Contacts:

Familiarise employees with one another to get them acquainted. Have them build a professional relationship in order for them to be coherent with each other. Make it a must for employees to collaborate and propose ideas instead of focusing on one individual.

·       Prioritise mental health:

Being glued to a screen without any chat breaks can have a toll on employees making them feel lonely. Make sure you give sufficient time for relaxation and breaks for small talk to let your team blow off some steam.

2)    Deadlines and schedules:

Just like any other workplace, online work too has almost the same credibility when it comes to tasks and projects. Here are some effective tips to manage all of them professionally!

·       Non -clash Schedule:

If you have a diverse team consisting of individuals from different countries, make sure to consider their timezones and prepare their work schedules and meetings accordingly.

·       Assignments:

Be clear and concise when it comes to giving instructions. Use emotions and pictures or graphs and statistics to get your point across. Give ample flexibility and cut corners when it comes to late submissions as there are plenty of distractions working remotely along with poor wifi connections.

3)    Meetings:

Every good team needs a good leader and for this, it is important for you to have weekly meetings to check up on your staff and their progress! Take into consideration the suggestions of all employees and do not disregard anybody.

Prefer video calls over voice calls as it is easier to understand that way. Supervise them as much as you can as it will greatly improve work quality.

·       Schedule one-on-one check-ins:

The most valuable aspect for a hardworking employee is appreciation from their leader. It is crucial for you to prepare random check-ins on all your employees not only to see their progress but also to make them feel validated.

4)    Motivation & Incentives:

It often gets exhausting to have to work on a screen without any companionship. It is vital that you boost employee morale by giving out compliments, appreciative certificates, tokens, wage raises and other such incentives to keep your staff motivated.

This will not only push them to be more productive but also submit quality work each time instead of just flinging it!

5)    Feedback:

Staff satisfaction is as important a factor as your satisfaction is. Hold weekly polls and surveys to gauge employee satisfaction. Create comment forums to chat and have them give their.opinions on what and how to improve.

Remember inclusivity is a must when it comes to a team and you should not prefer one employee over the other. Absolutely no favouritism! All staff should be treated equally and with respect.

Remote working is not an easy task and the challenges it comes with are many, here is a good read to help you overcome most of them: Remote Work boost for trade.


These were our top tips to be productive as a team while working remotely. To be concise, communication is vital in your team’s success and you can not move forward without establishing a good, strong connection with your peers!

Apart from that, we sincerely hope you flourish in all your endeavours. Stay safe and hustle on!