Incredible Advertising Ideas You’ve Never Considered But Should

Advertising your company is the hardest part of being successful. You’ve got to think of ideas that will raise awareness without being over the top or cheesy, and you must constantly innovate. It’s no wonder SMEs go bankrupt – they can’t keep up with the marketing requirements.

If you feel as if you fall into this category, you should fret as you have plenty of options. Turning to an agency is a solution that’s simple-yet-effective. Of course, you can’t buy your way out of a hole if your budget is limited.

In that case, you should turn to the unconventional marketing methods you’ve never considered before. Keep reading to learn about the top four.

Car Streaming

Live streaming is a core element of many successful companies since it allows businesses to interact and engage with the audience. However, one of the issues you must solve is ensuring your campaign and content are mobile. Mobile is a pivotal part of modern advertising, and not only on devices – extra flexibility allows you to target high profile areas and demographics. Car streaming is the ultimate tool as you can put an advert in the window and drive from location to location searching for high levels of traffic. The fantastic thing about this trick is that you never have to put up with downturns in foot traffic. 

Taxi App Adverts

Why taxi apps? Why not any company? There are many reasons. Firstly, Uber and Lyft receive millions of customer sales every month. Secondly, you can gauge how many people your message is reaching. Thirdly, the drivers get to decide what they put in the car. Therefore, there is no restricting red tape or bureaucracy stopping you from generating leads and making sales. All you have to do is give the drivers a cut of the revenue that they make. It’s similar to PPC advertising but offline.

Personal Accessories

You wear accessories every day, from a tie and tie clip to a watch and cuff links. You may not realize that you can optimize these clothing features to raise awareness of the brand. Cuff links with your logo are real, as are ties, shirts, and suit jackets. Of course, you should be careful of appearing tacky, which is another reason to pick the cuff links. They have a wow factor, yet they are subtle, too. Also, fashionable clothing items aren’t played out like pens and other traditional promotional items.

Google My Business

It’s time to stop viewing Google as a search engine that hosts websites and blogs. Pretty much every one of the company’s features has marketing potential if you understand how to utilize them correctly. Google My Business is a prime example because it lists your organization as an address. Therefore, when people input popular SEO terms, your website will pop-up in the likes of Maps and Places, as well as regular searches. This hack is a powerful way to stay relevant to audiences, even if you aren’t on their minds.

Have you used any of the above? Will you try them in the future?

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