Just Fascias Now Offering Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Services To Kent and Surrey Homeowners

ASHFORD, Kent. June 30, 2020 /PRF/ — Just Fascias (Justfascias.com) Just Fascias have added professional moss removal and roof cleaning to the list of services they offer. Utilising an expert company with trained professionals is the best way to ensure that the cleaning process does not cause any accidental damage. Just Fascias’ roof cleaning service utilises the latest cleaning techniques in order to provide the best results.

This state-of-the-art system is known as air-pole cleaning and it has been designed to effectively clean dirt and moss from roof tiles regardless of the age or condition they are in. The key aspect of this technique is that fluids are kept to the absolute minimum necessary. By removing unnecessary fluids, air-pole cleaning eliminates the risk of water ingress and related roof damage that comes as a result of high water pressure. Water ingress and damage are the biggest risks of jet washing a roof. Air-pole cleaning avoids these risks and does not leave any wet moss behind. As an additional benefit, the cleaners do not have to stand directly on the roof during the process. This prevents additional damage to the tiles.

Air-pole cleaning not only cleans tiles but restores their original colour. Pressure washing has the opposite effect. It causes tiles to become bleached and after repeated washes, it becomes impossible for the original tile colour to ever be restored.

In summary, air-pole techniques clean more effectively, are more efficient and are safer than older techniques like pressure washing.

Just Fascias is proud of its ability to create the minimum mess while working. Any moss or other debris that comes from the roof is collected and safely disposed of. All that is left at the end of any job is a clean, new-looking roof.

All work carried out by the company is done according to the most up to date health and safety rules and regulations. Any staff members on the job will always be fully trained and certified. Anyone with questions or anyone who wishes to book a job should get in touch with the company directly and speak with one of their representatives.

About Just Fascias

Just Fascias are roofline specialists, covering Kent and Surrey. They have an almost perfect rating on Checkatrade and hundreds of positive reviews. Interested homeowners can visit https://www.justfascias.com to arrange a free, no obligation quotation? They do not pressure prospective customers, and the majority of sales visits take about 20 minutes. (Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Kent Surrey)

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