4 Common Air Conditioning Issues (and Their Solutions)

The air conditioning system is an integral component of your home. This is particularly the case if you live in an area with a warm climate. If the air conditioning was to suddenly stop working, you could be in for an unbearable time as you attempt to fight off the heat.

A faltering air conditioning unit isn’t just a problem for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, either. The repair bill can also blow a hole through your budget in an instant.

These points are why it is essential to have an air conditioning system that’s in tip-top shape. One way of doing this is with knowledge. When you’re aware of common air conditioning issues, it is possible to correct these before they develop into anything more serious.

Here are four common problems to keep in mind:

1. The air conditioning unit stops working

This is the last thing you want to encounter. However, it’s not uncommon for an air conditioning unit to just stop working without any prior warning. When no symptoms have shown up previously, this can be scary.

Now you might think the solution is to simply contact an expert. Kaiser Air Conditioning is a specialist for heating and air conditioning, and their recommendation is to first troubleshoot the issue before anything else.

For example, the problem could simply be that the thermostat batteries have died. The solution: replace them with new batteries.

2. Unclean filter

If an air conditioner isn’t working, one of the most common reasons is a filter that is either dirty or clogged. Not only can this negatively impact airflow, but it may even lead to the AC unit freezing.

The good news is that the solution is a straightforward one. It’s simply a case of either cleaning the filer or replacing it with a new one. Follow the manufacturer suggestions to know how often this process should be done.

3. Pumping out hot or warm air

Nobody wants to encounter a stream of hot air when they’re expecting relief from a hot summer’s day. However, this is one of the problems that AC users can encounter.

One reason for this could be an accidental switch of the thermostat settings. It may also be due to the aforementioned unclean filter. More worryingly, it could be down to low refrigerant levels. If this is the case, repairing or refilling the refrigerant is a task that should be left to a professional.

4. A leaky air conditioning unit

Leaky air conditioners are an expected issue when factoring in the condensate and fluid used with such units. Excessive leaking, however, can be the result of various issues – and this makes diagnosing the problem a challenge.

A clogged condensate line can be one of the reasons. Unclogging this is easy enough as a DIY project. Yet if the leaking is caused by pipes getting clogged due to debris or mold, your best bet is to contact a professional.