Get Your Six Sigma Certifications and Scale Your IT Career. What Benefits You Will Enjoy

Fortune companies like Microsoft Corporation captured the tech market through quality products and services like Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications, among others. Microsoft keeps sustaining its quality by making its employees believe in delivering this quality. Other companies have copied the same model of hiring people. Fortunately, any employee can develop this sought-after specialist mindset and personality with Six Sigma Certifications. In this post, we’ll take you through Six Sigma credentials, how you can get them, and the reasons why you will find them useful.

Brief Explanation of Six Sigma Principles

Six Sigma encapsulates using certain tools to improve the process of production, get rid of defects, and generate quality products. These methods include:

  • Defining – it implies identifying the process and the problem;
  • Measuring – it’s checking the current performance of the business;
  • Analyzing – this means checking the process for issues and deep causes;
  • Improving – it deals with coming up with improvement actions;
  • Controlling – this includes sustaining the improvement process.

Six Sigma badges allow you to become better at applying the above techniques through their certification levels.

Levels Of Six Sigma That Will Earn You Certification

Six Sigma credentials encompass five levels. Access to these levels is simple, given that multiple reputable organizations offer them, namely the American Society of Quality (ASQ), the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), and the Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC). If any of these companies decides to invest in individuals taking their certifications, then some research and due diligence are in order. This is so because the levels may be similar but not the same in many ways, and it depends on the company which will certify you. Here, we will take you through the most standard Six Sigma levels, according to the details highlighted on the website:

  • White Belt: This is a basic level. After the White belt, you should have an understanding of the fundamental aspects of Six Sigma.
  • Yellow Belt: Most people start with this level. Here, you get more in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma. With the Yellow belt, you can assist your company in improving its projects. As the ASQ claims, you will have to pay $394 to pass the related exam if you are not their member, and then you’ll earn the CSSYB (Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt).
  • Green Belt: This level is more intricate. Now you can not only improve projects, but you can assist in statistical analyses. Moreover, you can take charge of projects on a part-time basis. The ASQ makes it possible to attain the CSSGB after you succeed in one test, which will cost you $438.
  • Black Belt: Here, you can improve products and services quality by being in charge on a full-time basis. Also, you are responsible for training and supervising your project team. The exam for this level costs $538 and mastering it will get you the desired CSSBB.
  • Master Black Belt: This one is more of a strategic level. Here, you are deep into the projects. You are responsible for defining the best metrics for your business. Moreover, you handle the development of a strategy to improve processes within your organization. At this level, you can mentor and train Green and Black Belt holders. The assessment fee, in this case, is $2,229 and once you pass your test, you will win the MBB credential.

One thing to note is that none of these belts is a prerequisite of another. That is the difference between the Six Sigma certification and other IT badges. You can use skills in Six Sigma to take your IT career to the next level. Here, we want to tell you what Six Sigma credentials can do for you.

What Six Sigma Badges Can Do for You

The purpose of these certifications is usually to boost your career. You can only be proud of your professional life when you have a good track record. A good record means that you help your company in many ways, and in the process, you gain more respect for what you do. Here is how Six Sigma badges will benefit you. They:

  • Reduce risks, defects, and losses

A company can avoid losses by being attentive to the risks its business may come across. A Six Sigma certification makes you sharp to see threats to your business processes. Then, you can develop mechanisms to solve such problems before they get out of hand. In addition, it could be that you get more complaints about your business than before. Knowing that your customer service is bad and improving it can help save your company from losses.

  • Improve process and quality

People only put something when it is worth their money. To maintain and improve the size of your market, you need to improve your quality. If you produce mobile phones, you need to work on making phones better every day. Possessing the CSSBB means that you take charge of the production process. You could pull a team together and brainstorm ideas that can make the product acceptable to your market.

  • Boost your position in the industry

Over time you need to grow your professional level in the industry. People need to see you as an authority in the field. When you are a go-to person, then even the company can contemplate improving your position in the firm. With time, your impact can be felt outside the organization. A Six Sigma certification makes you a strategist in the industry. Furthermore, it allows you to stamp your place in the sphere because you can develop good business acumen.

  • Ensure you comply with regulations

Quality is not only about the products and services you offer. Quality is also about adhering to industry regulations set. Six Sigma preaches about maintaining high industry quality standards. Taking Six Sigma certification levels develops the consciousness to recognize such industry levels and tow that line diligently.

  • Develop hands-on capabilities

Before you can enter a job market, a company wants to know what you can offer it. Sufficient hands-on training on skills is highly appreciated by a company. Six Sigma certification training knows precisely what your industry needs. If you are in Finance, having an in-depth analysis can help a lot. Six Sigma focuses its energy on such abilities to help you to come at the top and even earn more. According to, you can earn $67,000 with the Yellow Belt, $83,000 with the Green Belt, $99,000 with the Black Belt, $122,000 with the Master Black Belt.


Being an employee that every company wishes to hire is a good thing. You need to develop the right personality to be acceptable across multiple industries. Therefore, enroll for a Six Sigma certification today at any institution that offers it and become the best in your profession. Good luck!