Worthily Films produces potentially the first short film production in the UK Post-lockdown.

‘I was anxious to see how the filming process would operate in Covid-19, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how smoothly it all operated. It soothed my nerves to know that everyone was taking it all very seriously, whilst also being very well prepared for it,’ said Francesca Jones in the Art Department.

It was Friday the 12th, June 2020 (a weekend before our first day on set) when Worthily Films, (Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod) hosted a Zoom crew call with a team of just over 20 people. Each square on our computer, each person on the call, a carefully selected team member, creative minds that we knew had the same goal: to make something remarkable, despite the challenges.

Below we discuss the five points that could help you with your post lockdown short film:

  1. Research

The most important part of preparation for us at Worthily Films was research. Everyday we were faced with new information. We tried to gather as many studies, materials and reports as possible. The most comprehensive report being the British Film Commission guidelines, which we agreed to use as a foundation for Waiting For Time set protocols.

  1. Preparation.

Worthily Films invested in facemasks, hand sanitizers, antiviral sprays and wipes, disposable cups, face shields and gloves.  We knew that this would allow us to comply with social-distancing guidelines provided by the British Film Commission. Providing the correct PPE equipment also reassured cast and crew that we were taking all the precautions necessary to safeguard the set.

‘But everything was so well organised (PPE, hand-wash, friendly social distancing) that very soon I forgot we were filming in the middle of a pandemic.’ Paul Chronnell

  1. Communication

The purpose of our crew call was to share a presentation where we outlined all the safety protocols and measures that we had implemented. We wanted to ensure that everyone felt comfortable and encouraged the team to raise any concerns or questions before, during and post filming. Running through the procedures and asking everyone to comply with protocols was important.

  1. On-set etiquette.

Worthily Films specifically scouted locations with COVID and social distancing in mind. Depending on your set, aim to have a designated space for crew to work whilst respecting the two metres protocol.  Ventilation is essential- make sure you have good air flow on set, opening windows and doors if possible.  Stagger lunches and breaks to allow for a streamlined production with minimal contact thus reducing the risk of infection.

 ‘… the teamwork was evident.’ Kevin Glynn

  1. Subsequent actions.

Be sure to follow up with everyone, making sure that nobody develops symptoms. Worthily Films shared information on how to get tested in the case that anyone started to show symptoms. Continue checking in with everyone until the incubation stage is complete (est. 14 days at most)

‘… even after wrapping, making sure to check in and let us know how we can get checked in case any of us started experiencing symptoms.’   Katie Lynch

Worthily Films is committed to providing working environments that prioritize safety above all else. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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