ContactPigeon releases Real-Time Customer Predictions to empower retailers

Athens – July 2020: ContactPigeon, the award-winning omnichannel customer engagement platform has released a new AI-powered feature designed to optimize marketing effectiveness, enhance customer engagements and increase average Customer Lifetime Value for retailers worldwide.

The new feature, Predictive Insights, looks at past customer behavior data to predict future activities, preferences, and customer behaviors. Using the RFM model (Recency-Frequency-Monetary) to provide real-time predictions for every single customer profile, including:

● Orders Within Next 30 Days / 2 Months / 3 Months / Year
● Churn Risk
● Value of Next Order
● Customer Lifetime Value For Next 12 Months
● Recency Cluster
● Revenue Cluster
● Frequency Cluster
● Overall Score
● Predicted Segment

The company’s CEO, George Mirotsos, noted about new feature:

“With our new Predictive Insights feature we aim to empower the retailers with top notch predictive customer analytics, converting the customer data to valuable and actionable information for the brand. We know how crucial for any retailer is to have access to such kind of insights and that’s why we are making this high-end feature available to all of our plans, making ContactPigeon one of the very few omnichannel customer engagement solutions worldwide which provides Predictive analytics features at no additional cost for their clients.”

Retail and eCommerce businesses can use the new Predictive Insights to:

● Run perfectly timed customer engagement campaigns at the optimal points of the customer shopping journey for each individual customer.
● Predict and recommend products that customers will likely buy next
● Prevent churn to the at risk customers
● Promote optimized offers for maximum profitability per customer segment

You can learn more about the Predictive Insights feature from ContactPigeon here:

About ContactPigeon
ContactPigeon is a VC-backed customer engagement platform that empowers retailers to grow sales and customer retention with personalized, behavioral-driven, and high-converting messages. Founded in 2014, ContactPigeon operates across the US and EU and is trusted by more than 300 brands including L’OREAL, The Body Shop, Fujitsu, and others.

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