ALM Translations Ranked Among Fastest-Growing Language Service Providers in the World

CSA Research recognises ALM Translations as a growth leader in the multi-billion-dollar market for language services and technology, with an average three-year sustained growth rate of 20%Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire – ALM Translations announced today its official ranking as one of the fastest-growing language service providers (LSPs) in the multi-billion-dollar global market for outsourced language services and technology. ALM’s CAGR of 20% over the last three years greatly surpasses the one-year growth rate of the market, making it the 16th fastest-growing LSP in the world and the 28th largest translation and localisation provider in Northern Europe.

Since 2002, ALM Translations has proven to be a progressive multilingual service provider with a reputation for excellence.


ALM continues to prosper and retain and gain clients due to its breadth of services backed by its customer-led strategy, the latest technological innovations and continuous improvements driven by data, investment and a wealth of experience across many different verticals. 


ALM is also a preferred language partner to some of the largest global LSPs, as well as an impressive portfolio of direct clients that rely on ALM to provide solutions to enable their international expansion.


CO-CEO Rachel Coleman has commented: “The recent global pandemic and the initial impact of BREXIT have led to opportunities in our sector. Companies increasingly understand the importance of language and associated services as part of their growth strategy and how it helps them expand into new markets with a greater understanding. 


More companies than ever are looking at global reach via digital channels. Other verticals, such as the life sciences sector, have also seen an increase in multilingual requirements. ALM has embraced the changes and has added a suite of new services to ensure clients get the maximum benefit from their investment in multilingual services.”


As organisations both large and small address more languages, CSA Research predicts that the demand for language services will continue to grow. 


“Despite their size, all of the largest LSPs manifest one or more of the themes of consolidation, the importance of data leverage, global content rather than just localization, more services, geographic expansion, and vertical focus,” comments Dr. Donald A. DePalma, CSA Research’s Chief Research Officer.  “The recipe for success doesn’t change much year after year. Fastest-growing companies credit their performance to being sales-driven organizations, developing their existing client base, and investing in the future,” he adds.

The rankings of the fastest-growing LSPs in the world are a result of the language industry’s most comprehensive, large-scale market survey and are based on verified 2020 revenues.   


About ALM Translations

ALM Translations is an established and successful language service provider offering its clients the benefit of translation, localization, multilingual digital marketing and SEO and creative content writing services in 90+ languages. ALM has grown year-on-year since its foundation in 2002 and continuously adds new services to its range to keep up with a changing world.


ALM is the go-to partner for some of the world’s largest language service providers as well as direct clients in many different industries and for some of the world’s largest translation companies.


ALM is both ISO and ISAE accredited, demonstrating the robust quality and process management that back our full suite of services, which enables us to work with some of the world’s leading brands.



About CSA Research

CSA Research, formerly Common Sense Advisory, is the premier market research firm specializing in the language services and technology industry. It provides primary data and insight to assist companies with planning, brand strategy, innovation, competitive positioning, and a better understanding of global markets. An independent market research company, its trusted and verified data helps companies profitably grow their international businesses and gain access to new markets and new customers. For more information, visit or


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