Why do museums and art galleries use picture hanging systems

Picture hanging systems are used often by museums and art galleries because they are convenient and reduce the number of wall repairs. The benefits of these systems are substantial in terms of reduced costs and time spent in setting up or changing artwork.

If your museum or art gallery is considering a picture hanging system, consider the following benefits:

Easily Adjust Position and Height

Gallery and museum curators typically test layouts and placements by laying pieces down on the floor or putting them against the wall. This does not provide a true idea of how the picture will look on the wall. Pictures always look different once they are actually hanging. With a picture hanging system, it is simple to adjust the position and height. You also can test various picture combinations and make the best decision based on how it looks on the wall. Making rows perfectly straight and grouping pictures is simple with the right system.


A good picture hanging system can be equipped with theft-delaying security hooks. These helpful devices offer peace of mind to museum and gallery curators. Security hooks prevent theft and tampering. They also offer more safety so that a picture cannot be accidentally knocked off the wall.

Lighting Options

Many picture hanging systems are equipped with an LED lighting system. The good thing about LED lights is they convert more than 80% of their energy into light, whereas traditional lightbulbs generate much more heat than light. Heat and UV light can damage artwork, which is why good systems used LED lights. They are similar to frame-mounted lights but lighting integrated into the hanging system creates natural light close to the picture.

Long Term Economic Benefits

These systems are beneficial in the long term economically. The art gallery does not need to spend as much on painting, redecorating, plastering, cleaning, etc. There also is no maintenance cost for the system and zero effect on the wall structure after the system has been set up. Further, there it is not necessary to ask the maintenance department if a certain wall has pipes in it, and you also do not have to worry about nails or other hanging devices ever again. The many benefits to picture hanging systems are clear. Hopefully you have a better idea of what these systems can do for your gallery – they save you a lot of time and money, especially over the years.