How to Get Cheap Long Haul First-Class Ticket

A lot of people wonder: how to buy the cheapest air tickets?

Are you interested in discovering a few ways to buy cheap air tickets? Fasten your seatbelts, we’re taking off!

How to find cheap airline tickets on the web?

Find airline tickets conveniently through search aggregators.

Search for tickets in different search engines, compare prices, choose the best ones. Airline ticket search engines have convenient functions on their websites: “find a low price”, “buy cheap air tickets”, “low price calendar”, “subscribe to the best prices for your destination”.

Be sure to use these features, they will help you find budget tickets.

  1.       Buy a plane ticket beforehand.

According to Skyscanner’s research, the most favorable price for air tickets is 6-7 months before the expected date of departure.  Buying a ticket well in advance can save up to 30% of the price. Two weeks before the flight, the ticket price starts to rise every day. However, 1-2 days before departure you can “catch” last minute first class flight ticket if the half-plane is still vacant.

  1.     Play with dates, days of the week and time of departure.

There are peculiarities of buying inexpensive tickets, which are influenced by the date and day of the week. Tickets for the following date can be 20% cheaper. Check adjacent dates in your ticket search, view the price calendar. Do not forget about the flight time: morning and night flights are usually cheaper.

  1.     Airline special offers and sales.

Keep track of promotions and discounts on official airline websites. From time to time airlines conduct promotions for their services to attract customers selling tickets at discounts of up to 50%.

  1.     Cheap round-trip tickets. 

Buy round-trip tickets. The cost of round-trip tickets is 20-30% lower than for one-way tickets.

  1.     Keeping track of the season.

For popular destinations, in high season, vacation season and holidays, tickets are always more expensive than in the low season. The most expensive season is the summer and Christmas holidays.

  1.     Clear the cache, cookies, browsing history.

If you have ever looked for a ticket through any ticket search engine, the smart computer has already recorded your data and query history. The next time you try to search for tickets, you start to use marketing moves: “there are only 3 tickets left for this plane” or the ticket price rises sharply. How can you get the first price back? Access the website from another computer, clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history on your computer, or use the incognito mode from the beginning.

  1.     Incognito mode when buying plane tickets.

This mode does not save pages you have visited in your browsing history, and cookies are deleted after your session.

  1.     Separate pricing when booking a plane ticket.

This is a marketing move that involves the division of customers into categories by solvency. Special software “bugs” can determine which region a person lives in, what kind of hardware he uses, what operating system is installed on his PC. For example, MacBook owners get a slightly higher ticket price than users of ordinary laptops. If you buy a ticket from India, Russia or the USA, the price will be different. If you have an expensive PC, it is better to use an internet cafe to buy cheaper airline tickets or use a secure type of internet connection that does not allow you to transfer your personal data.

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