BPSOCA Music Teams Up With UK Songwriters and Artists to Release Caribbean Music for the UK market

London, England, August 21, 2020: BPSOCA Music, a new UK record label that works to elevate the Caribbean culture within the UK music industry, including Soca, Dancehall, and Reggaeton genres, this week announced they are partnering with UK producers, artists, and songwriters for upcoming releases.

BPSOCA Music recognize that street carnivals, such as Notting Hill Carnival, are the spotlight for Caribbean music and as such, they aim for their music artists to release music in time for the popular carnivals worldwide. BPSOCA Music is working hard to make a name for Caribbean culture in England today.

“For far too long, the music scene in England has been a homogenous collection of rock and pop hits that just don’t do anything for the Caribbean community,” said Gareth Sinnerine, Founder and Owner of BPSOCA Music. “Those of us here with Caribbean and African heritage deserve to have our music elevated and accessible for our communities. That’s what inspired us to partner with these musicians.”

With approximately 264,125 Caribbean-born citizens living in England and Wales, as well as 2,542 living in Scotland and 314 living in North Ireland, the Caribbean community has become increasingly influential in British society. Additionally, in a 2011 census, about 1.9 million people, or 3% of the UK population, said they identify as black/Caribbean/Afro-Caribbean.

“We are witnessing a worldwide movement that is shedding light on the need for inclusion and diversity in all aspects of society today,” said Sinnerine. “We believe that through our record label, we can make Caribbean culture a staple in the UK music industry moving forward. Caribbean music has been influencing the hits and singles we consume today for decades.”

Sinnerine also has an events company called BPSOCA Entertainment that showcases UK and International talent that will work in conjunction with BPSOCA Music.

The BPSOCA Music platform will officially launch this Friday August 20th for users everywhere. They are asking all Caribbean music producers and industry participants to contact them for continued musical development and releases.

About BPSOCA Music

BPSOCA Music is a subsidiary of Bacchanal Promotions Limited, with a focus on Caribbean artists, producers, and songwriters in the UK. The platform is on a mission to make Caribbean culture a “staple in the UK music industry moving forward”. More than just a musical engine, BPSOCA Music Limited is hoping to inspire a countrywide movement that sheds light on the important contributions of the British-Afro-Caribbean community.

For more information, visit: https://www.bpsocamusic.com/

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