The Most Expensive Countries To Travel To

Concerning most of the budget bound travelers, there are places that well align with your account while bestowing the best traveling experience. And then there are places that only millionaires and lottery winners can afford — hoisted with luxurious hotels, fine dining, and exotic locations.

If money doesn’t tend to cease you to limited traveling destinations and you’re willing to spend a lump sum of your savings, then here are some of the best yet pricey countries to visit. The serene beauty and rich culture of these places will surely leave you in awe.

Expensive countries only millionaires and lottery winners can afford to travel

The world is packed with innumerable places holding a charm and allure for ages now. Here follows by a list of some such amazing countries with all the different customs, traditions, and infrastructures to explore by.

1.    Switzerland

The country nestled by snow-capped Alpine mountains with crystal clear lakes and outstretched flower fields tops the bucket list of every travel enthusiast.

With spots like Bahnhoffstrausse—the most expensive shopping street of Zurich and abode to top brands, including Gucci, Rolex, and Prada, Switzerland is one of the costliest countries to drive through. 

More so, the airfares, hotel costs, and taxi fares are where you’ll have to spend the most while wandering around the busiest hubs of the country.

2.    Iceland

Iceland-one of the most beautiful Island nations has been amongst the choice of those with extra money in their wallets. Nonetheless, engulfing scenic mountains, glacial lagoons, and picturesque landscapes, Iceland stands worth every penny that you spend by.

However, this doesn’t let you cut slack when it comes to expenses.

Ranking fifth in the world’s most expensive countries, a day in Iceland, can cost you $447. And while you might get to save a chunk with cheaper flight rates to Iceland, the high prices of other goods will seemingly wipe out your savings.

3.    Norway

Talking about places that only millionaires and lottery winners can afford to travel, Norway nowhere seems to drop down to the list. This Scandinavian nation is home to little panoramic lakeside towns with rich cultural heritage, along with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites

And Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is worldwide counted as the safest and cleanest yet also quite pricey.

So, if you’re planning a tour of this amazing country, prepare yourself to spend a sumptuous sum at $258 per day. Along with this, also add on the charges followed by goods and services you wish to leverage.

4.    Denmark

Known for its colorful architecture banding with a myriad of castles and waterways, Denmark is one of the most famous tourist spots. Carrying the medieval Viking charisma, Denmark lines up innumerable recreational activities for its visitors.

However, everything comes with a price tag, and so does the beautiful sights and sounds of Denmark. Each day that you get to spend will close by an average sum of $316 and even more if you intend to buy any goods.

And while reasonable flight rates make it relatively cheaper for you to visit the country, the costly goods and services will perhaps set you back.

5.    United Arab Emirates

UAE is yet another typical choice of those who truly want to witness the luxurious side of life. With technologically advanced cities like Dubai, UAE turns out to be a perfect pick for you.

You can enjoy a lavishing holiday by the beach side or party in a rented villa for the whole week. There’s no end to the luxurious options when you’ve stepped onto the land of Gold Souks.

Be it driving a sports car or going on a desert adventure, UAE has got it all covered. Make sure you apply beforehand if it’s your first time visiting the UAE since the application can end up taking months to get approved.

6.    USA

There’s hardly any luxury of the world that can’t be availed of on the US soil! 

People from across the world tend to visit the states, but only those with pockets loaded with cash can explore its luxurious side.

If you do have a ton of money set aside to spend on a memorable vacation, the USA during winters can be an excellent choice. You can rent a luxury car and drive around places, clicking pictures and buying souvenirs for your friends, family, and loved ones.

Ensure hitting the lanes of Las Vegas when you’re willing to unfold how cash flows in this nation.

7.    Bahamas

If you’re a beach person who also happens to be a party-animal at the same time, Bahamas is the place to include in the bucket list.

Keep lazing around during sunny afternoons, sipping on your favorite cocktail, spending dimes on booking the most exclusive suites and condos. There’s no end to possibilities when you’re entering the Bahamas with a thick wallet.

What makes this place set apart from the rest of the countries is the range of delicacies you will find here. This means the Bahamas also happens to be a heaven for foodies, apart from being a primary choice of luxury seekers.


All in all, these were our top picks for the most expensive nations you should travel to. Since only millionaires and lottery winners can afford some of these, it makes perfect sense to book the most premium options whenever planning a budget. Regardless of the amount you’d be spending, make sure you carry out the due diligence and make all the bookings beforehand.

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