Introducing the Adapted Vehicle Hire Rewards Programme: Unlock Exceptional Savings!

Adapted Vehicle Hire is thrilled to unveil its latest Rewards Programme, designed to provide customers with significant savings on short-term rentals. With the potential to enjoy up to 60% off the total cost, this programme is set to revolutionise affordability and convenience for your travel requirements.

By becoming a part of the Adapted Vehicle Hire Rewards Programme, members gain access to a diverse range of discounted vehicles, from compact economy cars to SUVs and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs). With branches strategically located throughout the nation, the convenience of multiple pick-up and drop-off points significantly enhances the rental experience for all customers.

Enrolment in the programme is straightforward. From your second short-term hire of 3 days or more, you are automatically enrolled as a member, instantly benefitting from a 5% discount. The rewards amplify as you continue to utilise our services, offering increasing value with each rental:

  • Building Rewards: Secure a 10% discount on your third short-term hire, a testament to our appreciation for your continued patronage.
  • Increased Savings: Your fourth rental brings even greater benefits, with a 20% discount, making each journey more cost-effective.
  • Peak Reward: Attain the zenith of savings with an impressive 25% discount on your fifth short-term hire, after which the cycle recommences.

Frances Waight, Operations Manager at Adapted Vehicle Hire, emphasised the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and value, stating, “At Adapted Vehicle Hire, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and unbeatable value. Our Rewards Scheme is designed to reward our loyal customers with significant discounts, enhancing their short-term travel experiences.”

For further details and to join the Adapted Vehicle Hire Rewards Programme, please visit