Finding information on a company is a crucial task as you may undergo and experience second-hand or irrelevant information. In such cases, Do Your Own Research (DYOR) is an effective way to gather relevant and accurate information. 

Before collaborating with a UK company, you must know the information about the company so you do not end up being in an awkward position during interviews or other business meetings.

DYOR can however cost you some money, but there are still some ways to find the information about a company (more typically a UK company) free of cost.

These methods can be easily worked upon and the free tools are easily accessible and usable.


The most common and the easiest methods to find information about a company are company websites, business and economic journals and magazines, and directories.

  • Company websites are the places where almost every company uploads its information including annual reports, advisories, press releases, and financial documents as well as other publications. When checking out the physical quality of the products, keep in mind that many companies showcase their products in a better way for marketing and branding, however, they strive to maintain transparency through statistics and announcements in the reports.
  • Business and economic journals and magazines are the ways to find free information about a company whenever you find difficulty in finding the information online from the company website. It is the conventional method of finding company information and works well due to full-text databases and articles.
  •  Yellow pages and directories can also help you find free information about a company through the filter option available on the website. Here you can find the information including company contact details, address, email addresses, etc. according to the ZIP codes because many companies are presently associated with Google Maps.


Finding information about a company free of cost is not as difficult as it seems. You just have to put the strategies in the correct place. if those strategies do not work properly, you can opt for other free software tools and websites. The information includes financial health, internal decisions, rankings, as well as some hidden information of the company. The list of these tools and websites is discussed below:

  • Google News:

Google news is the best option when you are looking for the basic information and the latest news about a UK company. It is also the best option for DYOR about a UK company as it gives all the relevant knowledge and communication that helps you get accurate information. The articles at Google News provide financial statements, press releases, pending litigations as well as the executives/directors’ contact details.

  • Corporate information:

It is among the leading global sites for the value-added information about corporate and related industries. The information available at Corporate Information is appropriate for research information, competitive analysis, and investing in more than 38,000 popular public companies in more than 75 countries. All you have to do is to register for free and get started to find out corporate profiles, industry-specific reports, international company directories listings, company extensions lists, research reports, international business news, as well as company information sources state-by-state. You can get to know the information about a country, a particular industry, or even all the industries found there.

  • Aero leads – find company information:

AeroLeads is a free tool that uses artificial intelligence to extract out the required information through a few simple steps. It is a business-to-business software that ensures the relevancy, accuracy, and whether the information is up-to-date or not. It extracts out the most accurate information and exports into the sales CRM where you can import the information to the tool that provides email marketing service. You can also run email campaigns through this software. AeroLeads inquires from the internet to scrape out the required information from general company information to phone numbers, emails, as well as other important details. AeroLeads is available as a web app or it can also be used as a Google Chrome extension.

  • Reporting Accounts :

With Reporting Accounts, you can access the basic information about a company along with its director records, registration details, and financial health. Reporting Accounts has no limitations on the number of searches and it is completely free to use. It also gives information about Cash at Bank, Total and Current Liabilities, and Net Worth.

  • LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to find jobs and internships, grow your business, connect with the professional fields, and to increase your network. LinkedIn provides its members with the ease to access information about various companies according to company size, location, employment opportunities, etc. it extracts the information and provides you with an extensive database that can be used to find information, contact, collaborate, and send emails to various companies including the UK companies. It also shows the connections that are involved with the company.


Some other tools that can be used to find the information about a company for free are:


Finding information about a company for the job or other purposes is not a one-time thing, but you need to update your databases at regular intervals so that you remain up-to-date and get to know all the recent information about the company. To do so, you need software, tools, or some websites that provide you accurate and relevant information without charging you money. Therefore, some tools and software are discussed in this article that you can use free of cost and get the most accurate and relevant information about the company, and more specifically, the UK companies.

Do try these software tools and websites whenever you try to hunt for a job or whenever you are going to walk in for an interview. These will help you in the context of general as well as specific or hidden information about a company.

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